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I am not sure if everyone knows how to do this, but it has quickly become one of my absolute favorite pastimes. Laying in bed at night, sitting in the doctors office, watching TV with the hubby ha ha. Pinning pictures from Instagram to your Pinterest Boards. It is so simple, and I am sorry I can’t give credit to the the person I leaned this from, I read it on her blog and after becoming addicted, I decided to share as well. Share the love, pass it on, right?

Well here goes

Firstly, find a truly inspiring picture on Instagram Is this one not to die for.

Now do you see the 3 little dots, tap them and this screen appears.

Touch Copy Share URL and you will see this green bar appear at the top of the picture.

Now leave Instagram and head over to Pinterest. I now keep those two apps right next to each other on my phone. Once you arrive at Pinterest

You click the little person to the far right to see this main profile. At the top this page, there is a small plus sign directly above your profile picture, tap this. Then this screen appears.

Now you can see on this menu, that you have a (copied link) so you are going to now tap that to see this.

So now tap on your picture, and choose the board you want to save it too.

I will be saving this to Decorating touches, so just choose your board, and there it is.

Here you see at the bottom, it says it was saved to my board. Lets go check it out. Yes, there it is.

So, now is the time, with so much Holiday Inspiration, to be pinning like crazy and saving all the ideas you love and adore, so you can create similar looks in your home next year. Woot Woot

Okay now I was a little intimidated by this at first, it seemed so detailed, but really once you walk through it slowly the first time, you will be a pro and I am sure you will become just as addicted, as I did. I hope this helps a few of you out there.

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Tammy Damore

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