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Every year as the weather changes and the temperature rises outside, sleeping with my big comfy down comforter becomes an issue. I get hot during the night, so I kick it off, then when I get chilled, I find that my duvet is now on the floor at the foot of the bed. The weight just seems to take it off the bed. Some nights I’m so tired that I fall back to sleep and wake up cold, hours later. I end up having my sleep disturbed because of this night after night dilemma . Either I’m sleeping cold or I am needing to get out of bed, a time or two per night, to get my comforter off the floor and cover up again. Then once we install our window unit, Air Conditioners, because no central air here, our home is well over 100 years old, and I like it chilly in the room, so….. I still want to be covered up, however again, my down comforter works for awhile then I’m hot and I kick it off. I know Im not alone out there.

This year I decided, I needed to do something about it. I had purchased some bedding for a daybed on our third floor, a year ago, from and while I was up there one day a few weeks back, I looked over at it, and realized, this is exactly what I need for my bed. I actually crawled into the bed, and said out loud, yes, this is what I need. I got really excited, why didn’t I think of this before? I guess I thought of this bedding, as being for children and teens only, but no, I would be choosing an all white design that would work perfect for a grown women, as long as you are a girly girl, like me.

This Queen Bed Set, called Chic White, is really special, it is your sheets, blanket, and topper all in one, and zippers up on each side, comes with two pillow cases and two pillow shams. It is all one piece and fits the bed like a fitted sheet, so no falling off the bed in the middle of the night. You simply unzip and crawl in, and its an easy zip up in the morning, and the bed is made. I thought I might need to unzip each side to sleep because I am a bit of a kicker in the middle of night, but they have accounted for moving room, its perfect, I can’t say enough about the ease of this bedding, I only wish I would have gotten this for myself sooner, and where was this when my children were small. Can I tell you a little secret, I haven’t made my bed, except for a special occasion, like company coming or I just changed the sheets or cleaned the room, since I lived at home with my parents, and that is a long time ago, but my lips are sealed on how long ago that really was. But I do now………. and boy does it feel good to come into the room at night, to a beautifully made bed, just waiting for me. And I am the type that when I get into my bed, I sometimes literally say out loud, “ahhhhhh, I love my bed.” This bedding has made it even better.

Here are a few close ups of the detail.

My bedroom really is a sanctuary for me, I go there when I’m sad, when I want to watch “The Bachelor ” or some mushy movie my hubby isn’t in to, HA HA I shop from my bed-now thats big, I plan Blog posts, and dream up ideas for decorating, so I want it to be a beautiful, clean, clutter free-(I’m working on that one) place to go to, at the end of the day, where I feel comforted and peaceful, and being pretty helps.

Please ignore my ugly ceiling fan, I have an Antique Chandelier that needs to be rewired, I hope to share with you all, one day soon.

Do yourself a favor, check out the many designs that would work for adults, they are beautiful, and in my opinion the perfect bedding. This bedding is great for the little ones and teens, but also middle age girly girls, like me, and I have to say, how nice for the elder Moms and Grandmoms who struggle making there beds, but still want too, pure perfection. Anything that transform a girl who never makes her bed into one who always makes her bed, is a good thing. It really is as easy as 1 2 3.

Check out there website¬†beddy’¬†for all your bedding needs, and jump over to Instagram and follow them @beddysbeds for tons of inspiration.

Thanks you so much for stopping by the Blog.

Tammy Damore

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