A Little Bedroom Refresh-Phase One

Okay, if you have been around my Instagram at all lately, then you already know that I was working in my bedroom for a couple of months, giving it a bit of a Facelift, actually just adding in all the pretty things.

Last fall I painted my bedroom white, though I still have that gray moody ceiling, and I love it. Then the holidays came and my plans for this room landed on the back burner. Really, I have even bigger plans, but until I get there, I will just update you with a few of the changes I have made. My bedroom, really is my sanctuary, I go there when I need to get away, or when I want to think and be quiet, I do watch TV in my room-all those shows the hubby doest appreciate like the Bachelor. Ha Ha So I want the space to be inviting, comforting, and peaceful. I think everyone wants there room to be a calm and serene place to go, even if decorating isn’t for you. My goal is pretty much an all white room, with a few special pieces.

I did share the Bedding I added to the room for Spring and Summer, Beddys.com be sure to read that post {here} as it covers a common frustrating problem and gives a solution: ever wake up in the morning with your down comforter on the floor at the foot of the bed, this is my everyday. What can I say, I get hot and kick it off, then the weight of it takes it to the floor, and when I wake up cold, its gone. This beautiful one-piece bedding solves that problem. Go check it out.

Under the Beddys I added the most luxurious Laura Ashley Fiber Bed Topper, it added a loft to my mattress that I just sink into when I crawl into bed, and can extend the life of your existing mattress. It gives the bed an elevated look and feel, and is a dream to sleep on.

On top of my Beddys, I have this incredible duvet which I have been swooning over for years and finally picked up, with the use of several Birthday Gift Cards. It was time to pack away my winter duvet, which has a neutral gray woodland theme, and break out the pure white that I crave. Just incase we still have a bitter cold night. The huge flowers on this Georgina bedding from Anthropologie  is what dreams are made of. It is truly magical.

On top of the bed I have added three pillows, the coral/pink fur one is from Homegoods and the XOXO and Watercolor Pink Peony are both from Kendra over at So Vintage Chic.

Next I added this beautiful painting from one of my favorite artist, Maren Devine Art, I found her on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her beautiful work. Its full of happy color and full of life  Additionally I added a few of her Flower Prints to my home and I adore them. I love the Collection of Warrior Girls that she paints. As women, don’t we all sometimes feel like we can’t possibly do it all. I often feel like I am doing a mediocre job in all areas of my life, because I am doing so many things at one time, and still there are so many things I want to do and can’t get to. Only if I had an entire day to face and tackle one job, to immerse myself fully into the goal of the day and truly walk away feeling like it was finished. Am I alone, this doesn’t happen very often? This painting which I see as soon as I open my eyes, in every happy color there is, is a reminder to me that I am a Warrior and I can “DO IT” maybe not to perfection, but I can do it, if I keep pressing forward.

I must say I adore signs, they day signs go out of style, I’m out of wall decor. I have so many and love every single one. Who doesn’t want to read a few encouraging words. I try to have one in every room, but I do move them around. Again going with the theme of encouragement I chose this gorgeous sign from The House of Belonging, I love its simple lines, its lettered in gold, and I love the message. It leaned here for a few weeks until I moved this bench down to the living room to make room for a really special piece. Now it hangs on the brick.

I decided to bring in the first antique I ever owned in to the room, and after a fresh coat of paint, its pretty again. Read about it here.

Did you read the DIY on my new/old bedside table turned modern Parisian side table, using Heirloom Tradtions Paint. Go check it out here.

I have often said I am Gallery Wall challenged. Ha Ha The only luck I seem to have is with the triangle shaped wall going up my staircase. However, I did try again in the bedroom, and I like it. Its not much but each piece is really special. The Sweet Dreams sign, you can find over William Rae Designs the framed print is also from Maren Devine Art, and the Angel Wings are from Painted Fox Treasures.

As you can see, as of right now I don’t have a headboard, there is one I have my eye on from Anthropologie, but until thats in the budget, I may bring the old one back. My bed was elevated on risers for 20 years. I have a bad back and it was simply easier for me to get in and out of bed with it elevated. Recently the headboard which was a hand me down was making me crazy because it was so wobbly, so we removed it. Now that the bed is down off the risers, I may give it a special paint job and bring it back, we will see. I also have a few more thing I want to do in here, but baby steps. Be back soon for Phase Two.

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Tammy Damore

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