An Antique Store-Clearance Table-turned-Modern Parisian Style Table

Hello sweet friends, today I want to talk a little about a recent stop at one of the many Antique stores we love, what I found, and what I did to it.

The funny thing is, what drew me to this piece, was that it looked like half of a table. It was sitting sideways against the wall, and at first I thought they had cut the table in half. But no…….., this is how it was built. I am not really sure what its specific use was, though the owner of the shop said there had been two at one time. I plan to use it as a bedside table. For now! 😉 …….and for $50 you cant go wrong.

So I have the table, now lets talk about The Paint, The Plan, and The Process.

The Paint-I was lucky enough to be contacted by this “new to me brand”  Heirloom Traditions, to be a Brand Ambassador. After a long conversation, and several emails, about the paint, and how its made, I agreed to rep for them and try it out. This is my first piece, and I’m jumping into the deep end, because that is how I roll. YIKES I have been painting furniture for so long, I should have a degree or something. Ha Ha It is a true chalk paint, meaning there is no latex in it, at all, and the list of specialty products they carry is really exciting to me. I love nothing more than layering different products and techniques to achieve a unique end result. So lets get to it. If you are interested in purchasing any paint or any of there specialty products, feel free to use the code: HOME to receive 10% off at checkout.

The Plan-I want a white table but I want it to be special. Lucky for me the table we found has a lot of interesting detail, which is ideal for painting then sanding slightly back to reveal the wood detail, for some interest, or paint lighter coats allowing some of the wood to show through, if you would rather not sand. Additionally I plan to give it a Parisian Flare, by giving it a special, Venetian Plaster-Gold Gilded Table top. Lets see how it turns out.

The Process-Like always I don’t prime-though since this table was such a dark brown, you could. If you wanted a true solid white, then I would say, prime your piece to save on paint. Primer is cheaper. I like to make my paint or the lack there of, work for me. I like many light layers, lighter and darker in areas, and less sanding away. As far as prep sanding, I try to never sand: I find it can cause, bleed through, so I avoid at all cost.

Of course it goes without saying, that a good dusting would help, although I have skipped this step already.

I started by giving the base of the table two light coats of Al A mode, or white. Don’t be afraid of the Ugly Coat, that first coat is always a little scary. Then I moved to the table top and gave that two thicker coats of Kingdom Gold. I allowed this to dry over night.




The next day I mixed one teaspoon of Venetian Plaster Medium into about 2oz of paint. I folded it together lightly, let set up for about one minute, then plopped it onto the tabletop and worked it around with a putty knife, smoothing it out as I went. I paid special attention to cover, a few small issues the table had, a small crack in the wood at one end and a ding, both on the tabletop. Allow to dry completely, this did take several hours, since it was thicker than a typical coat of paint. After it was completely dried, I applied the Dark Umber Liquid Wax and worked it in good with a rag. I love how the details of the putty knife showed once the liquid wax was applied.

Then a third, light, (half coat) here and there, on the base, only where I felt I still wanted some coverage, or needed to smooth out any streaky paint. I rarely distress or sand back my pieces, as I prefer a clean look.

Done, no, not done, now the magic!!!!! At this point I still needed to add the Gold Gilding, here I used Metallic Masters gilding patina in Golden Glimmer, everything looks better with a little gild, right? It is as simple as brushing on just like a coat of paint and the piece went from gold to GLAM. It made a huge difference to the table top, and it dries in 2 minutes. LOVE

Here are few really close up shots of the Gilding. This is two coats. The first coat was simply a straight coat and the second I did a cross hatching to avoid any streaking. Its stunning in person, I hope you can get a glimpse into the loveliness, very Paris Chic.

I really get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a piece from the past come back to life, and with paint, your possibilities are really endless. Now this dusty, old, piece has a fresh, Modern Parisian Flare.

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Tammy Damore

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