My Very First Antique-and how it happened!

This is a story about a girl who had only ever shopped retail, turned Antique Furniture collector. There was a day about thirty years ago, that everything I owned came from the Department Store, its all I knew. If you needed furniture, you went to the furniture store, right? Well little did I know, about the joy that awaited me in the near future. The hunt, for those treasures that gets your pulse racing. The excitement of that perfectly imperfect piece that you simply cant go home without. One day my husband and I were visiting one of his friends, and I was pregnant. In his dining room was a piece of antique furniture, sitting in a corner in pieces. It seemed to speak to me, and draw me in. I approached it as my husband and his friend talked. It was very interesting to me, such detail, like nothing I had ever seen before. I felt a stirring inside me, I do believe my heart skipped a beat. What was it? My husbands friend spoke out and asked me,” what do you think?” I asked him what it was, and he said a dresser. Hmmmmmmm I needed a dresser for this sweet baby I was going to have, I thought. He asked me, are you interested, and I perked up, yes I said, how much? He proceeded to tell me he would love to trade it for a bentwood rocker I had,ummmm deal. I had my first antique.

We decided to take it to a shop to have it repaired and stripped, it was a very dark brown/red stain, and we took it in, in pieces. The furniture repair shop told us, it was the oldest piece they had ever seen. After they stripped it we were disappointed to find out that the original stain had been, a mix of stain and paint, something they did back in the 1800’s which left the piece with a pink stain now, and not a pretty pink stain. So it would have to be painted. Believe it not, I had never painted a piece of furniture, at this point in my life. So I was scared. I purchases some Old Village Paint, in Steeple White, which was a high end brand I used a lot, to paint molding in my home. I loved how it came out, and in the nursery it went, and over the next 15 years it was in all three of my daughters nurseries and then bedrooms. Eventually they all out grew it, and it landed in my dressing room. Recently I decided to move it into my bedroom, because this as a very special piece to me. It had held the baby clothes of three sweet girls, who are all now grown. So… it would get another paint job, to freshen it up, and here she is in all her glory.

….and so it was……not terrible, but in person the thirty year old paint looks a little yellowed.

and now the painting begins. I am using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, in Farmhouse White, and Hemp Oil to finish it. I just want a clean look after it looking, so yellow, for so long. Plus I have a “Pretty in Pink” plan for something else in the room.

When ever I use white paint I give the piece three coats, then rub it down with the Hemp oil using a rag. You could also use Furniture Wax, Clear Wax, White Wax, or even Antiquing Wax, I simply prefer the look of the Hemp Oil.

……and so it is.

I hope this inspires you to take something old, something forgotten, something that has seen better days, and turn it into something usable, fresh and ready for your modern day home. I love the character of these old pieces, and for me this is the piece that started a lifelong love affair of finding old things and incorporating them into my home.

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Tammy Damore

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