Painted Furniture Issues and how I fixed it.

I have this round oak table, that we picked up about three summers ago for $50. it had seen some better days, I think maybe it spent the last 10 years or so of its life stored in a basement or garage, it was rough. I painted the table white awhile back with chalk paint, and gave it a weathered look, it wasn’t me. I lived with it for a bit, but I wasn’t digging it, so I tried some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, but only painted the top, to start. I made the mistake of placing my docor back onto the table top as soon as it was dry to the touch, and to top it off, it was a one hundred degree day. If you aren’t following yet, we live in a home that is over one hundred year old, so no central air, we have window units. Which means, when its time for bed, they get turned off, and the room heats up until the morning when you turn the air back on. Not a good combination for just painted furniture that hasn’t cured. About a month later when I picked something up off the table, it came with a tug, and some paint came along with it. YIKES Now I had a few marks on the table top, down to the wood, that would defiantly show even with another coat of paint. I didn’t know what to do, did I need to strip it and start over, noooooooo. It didn’t really show, since I covered it with decor and it never showed in photos, so it was in the back of my head, as a kind of, I’ll get to it one day, project.

Well recently I found this product when I painted that Parisian Inspired table for my bedroom, that I realized may do the trick for this damaged Oak table top. So, I decided to give it try.

Here is the table in its halfway painted one way and another, state. Also a picture showing you the damage, close up, pretty, right?

I did clean the table top and bottom with TSP before I started this project, since there had been oil and wax applied to this piece a couple of years earlier. After a good cleaning and allowing the piece to dry, I got started by mixing my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, in Farmhouse White, as per usual. Additionally, I added the Bonding Primer to the paint, because I didn’t want any distressing. I was looking for a solid white. So, here we go. That is my paint there in the bowl, enough for the entire piece. I mixed 3/4 cups Milk Paint mixture, with 3/4 cups warm water, stirred until mixed well, and then added 3/4 cups Bonding Agent, and stirred well.  I scooped out a few spoons of paint onto this small platter, and added the Heirloom Traditions Venetian Plaster Medium, which is a powder. Folded it into the paint, and it immediately starts to thicken up and take on the consistency of plaster, but a little lumpy, no worries. I poured it out onto the table top all at once, and using a trowel or putty knife, scraped over the surface as if I was plastering. Make several passes, and slowly it becomes smoother and smoother. This coat of paint does take a little longer to dry, and as it dries it smooths out. Notice NO DAMAGE Woo Hoo!!!

After this dried I applied two more coats of straight paint to the table top. Additionally I painted the base of the table with three coats of the same paint. I find when ever I use white paint, I need three coat to get a true white, even when painting molding with Latex. But thats just me.

I left that all to dry over night, and the next afternoon, I applied a coat of Hemp Oil to the piece to seal it. Plus I am in crazy love with the soft inner glow the oil gives the paint.

It soaks in, no worries. The next day I added all my decor back to the table. I am loving this fresh, lit from within, white table again.

I hope this simple project inspires you to bring an old piece back to life, even if it has some flaws.

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Tammy Damore

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