Mixing Styles for a Fresh Take

Hello sweet friends, I thought I would pop in quickly and share a little room refresh, and I do mean little. I recently fell back in love with all things Bohemian. You see, I lived back in the 70’s, so these macrame wall hangings and plant hangers are something old that is back in style again. I had them, I made them, and yes when they showed up on the scene again, I knew I would be forced against my will, Ha Ha, to incorporate just a few carefully selected items, into my pretty Modern-Traditionl Home. I knew I did not need to change everything, just add in a few things. Because I have a pretty neutral pallet, is was simple. As long as you add more than just one Moroccan pillow you should be alright. So, what did I add, here is the list of items.

1.Oversized Moroccan Pillow-Pottery Barn

2. JuJu hat in Sweet Cream-jujuboutik.com

3. Macrame wall hanging-Spool and Groove Crew

Additionally I pulled a few things from around the house, all things natural, a basket full of antlers, some feathers, and some twine wrapped pottery from a few summers back.

Thats it, really, three items, and it gave my room the look and feel of Boho, which, what is Boho really, I think its just a more laid back romantic style, a little more casual. I have a Romantic style typically, and so the items fit right in seamlessly. I still have all my Modern and Traditional items right there and they seamlessly blend for a fresh modern take. But in any modern room these pieces would have the same affect. I will add a few more small things once the weather warms up, like some shells and starfish, and maybe even a potted plant or some florals.

I hope this inspired you to add a few items into your space for an easy Modern/Boho fresh up.

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Tammy Damore

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