If you are stopping by the Blog for the first time, welcome. I have partnered with Afloral and I will be popping in every Friday for at least the next 6 weeks to share a simple floral arrangement that anyone can do, if you have the right materials and right container. No talent required. The only requirement: the confidence in knowing that you can do it, and I’m here to help you with that one. I will share an arrangement as simple as one stem, to a handful, dropped into a container. Check back every Friday, here or on Instagram @thecultivatedhome to see what I come up with.

Here we are Week 1, the simplest arrangement there is, one tall stem, in this case a spring flower blossom, bent slightly to give it a little movement, and then add it to your favorite tall bottle or vase. Instant color, instant Spring.

See the black island top there in the foreground of that picture, this was the night before it got a faux marble facelift, coming to the Blog next week.

Check back next Friday for more Simple Floral Arrangements.

Thanks for Stopping by the Blog, see you next week!

Tammy Damore

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