An Unexpected Addition…………to my Home

I am over the moon excited about this beautiful sideboard we just added to the dining room. An unexpected addition…… our home, ha ha, gifted to me by my sweet daughter and son-in-law. Does she know my style better than I do, I don’t know, but this piece took my dining room to the next level. I had been drooling over this piece for awhile now, available at one of my absolute favorite shops ever, Painted Fox Treasure and here it is in my dining room. I wish you could see me jumping for joy, okay I’m not jumping, I am too old for that, but I do continue to take the long way through the house, just so I am forced to go through the dining room and take at peek at this piece. If you are in the market for a sideboard or serving area, have a Tradition, Modern, Cottage, Romantic, Shabby, or just about any style, I highly recommend this piece. It is bar hight, and it meets my one and only requirement for everything I bring into my home in recent days, “IT’S DREAMY”!!!!!

As you can see there is ample storage, four large drawers, and two curved side cupboards. I am storing, placemats, table runners, table clothes, and napkins in the drawers, then some serving pieces I’m not using at the moment, in the side cupboards.

Here a little tip, if you have a piece of furniture that has a yellow undertone, and you are not digging it, add cool toned decor to the piece. It balances the look and feel of the piece.

I am love, love, loving this new piece and looking forward to doing some styling with it. I am already thinking about the Holidays, because that is how I roll, and I am Christmas obsessed.

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Tammy Damore

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