Here we are again Week 4 of #simplefloralfridays I collaborated with Afloral for all my floral needs to create 6-weeks worth of inspiring floral designs. I can’t believe its already week four, the time is flying by.

If this is your first time here, welcome, I am so glad to have you. Be sure to check out the designs you have missed,

Week 1-1 stem

Week 2-Large bouquet

Week 3-dried grass

……and now here we are Week 4.

This is another bouquet, very similar to week 2, except its smaller and hand-tied. In Week 2, I held the stems in my hand as I added more, then dropped then into a vase an fluffed. this time, I want to lay the bouquet down, so it needs to be hand tied. You can use whatever you have on hand, I will be using a floral wire, and then wrapping the top of the bouquet in ribbon, saved from a gift bag. Save all of those ribbons and strings in a box or bowl, you can tie arrangements with them, hang wreaths, the ideas are endless, and they are free.

In this arrangement I used the following:

White Roses

White Ranunculus

Seeded Eucalyptus

Lambs Ear

Creating this bouquet, was exactly the same as week 2, lay your stems out in the order you wish them to be. I used 9-blooms: 5 roses and 4 ranunculus, then two types of greens with different textures, one seeded and one flocked. Then pick up one grouping at a time, and tie them with a wire, you can cover the stems with a ribbon if it will show.. Here I show the bouquet laying across a Vintage Scale and then laying on the top of my sideboard. But you could use this anywhere.

If you notice here the sideboard in my dining room changed right in the middle of me working on this arrangement. 😉

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Be back next Friday for the next installment. 🙂

Tammy Damore

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