Organic Table Scape-3 elements:Layers, Live, Light

Well, by now we have all figured out, that, no matter what stye we love and adore, we are probably attracted to something Bohemian, right now. It is every where, in every store, and on every Catalog cover, and after awhile we might find we kind of like it a little. So if you find yourself loving this new look, but not wanting to jump into the deep end, here is a simple and easy table scape, using things you may already have, to satisfy that Boho itch.

I am using a Linen Summer Blanket from CasaDeLinos to drape cross my table in an imperfect way. This fabric alone, though very classic, lends itself to that feel of being airy, so it is a perfect choice, if you are looking for that Anthropologie-ish look and feel. These small handmade Eucalyptus wreaths from Mustard Seed Beginnings, are the perfect addition to your plates, to add an earthy feel. Light a few candles, add some ferns, real or faux, mine are from Afloral.

Candles from Thompson Ferrier NYC.

As you can see, I used very few things, Layered some linens, added some natural elements-Live or Faux, and some candle Light, to achieve a modern, fresh, Boho table scape.

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