Here we are, its week 5 of #simplefloralfridays I partnered with Afloral for all the floral needs, and chose all the things I would need to create 6 weeks worth of simple arrangements, anyone could do. But this right here is the big one, the one I’ve been waiting for. I am always trying to super size the pieces that I put into my spaces, so they don’t look like clutter, but that is another Blog Post, ha ha.

If this is your first time stopping in, you won’t want to miss the past weeks, you can see them by clicking on the links below.

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…..and now here we are Week 5. If you have been following along, I shared with you a fail safe way to create a gorgeous bouquet, one hand tied and one just held tightly in your hand, until you drop it into your container. The best thing about buying single stems as opposed to a $150 dollar permanent arrangement, is that you can use and re-use the stems, a million ways. This extra large arrangement will again follow along the same easy assembly, with another little trick.

If you have been here all along you will remember how I created a small bouquet and large bouquet, now I am going to re-use those florals to create an even larger bouquet for BIG impact. Again showing you how I laid all the flowers out on the table, in there groupings. Then picking them up one grouping at a time, and holding them tightly.

This was week 2

This was week 4

This Time I am combining the two bouquets, and adding in a few new pieces. I went ahead and untied the hand-tied bouquet, and simply combined them in my hands and placed them into the container. In my case I found the most gorgeous Wood Vase, from PCB HOME, that gives my florals a more contemporary feel. You can find the vase HERE  After both bouquets were in the vase, I added a few ferns to the back and a few wilder looking flowers, so it wasn’t so formal. Again all florals are from Afloral. At this point if you find you don’t have enough flowers, and they splay out a little too much. Take a string, and wrap it around the bouquet right above the opening of the container, and tie it, pulling all of the stems in a bit to stabilize them, and tighten them up a bit. Then simply tuck the string down inside the vase.Tricky tricky. Because I adore this arrangement soooooo much, I moved around the house until I decided where I would ultimately land.

Make sure to stop in next Friday, for the last share of this 6-Weeks of #simplefloralfridays series. Hint hint-I’m making a simple Summer wreath, you don’t want to miss it.

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