It’s ¬†WEEK 6 of #simplefloralfridays I can’t believe how quickly the time flew. I have had so much fun working with all the beautiful floral stems, and creating different arrangements and now this organic looking wreath, inspired by a recent Antho catalog I received in the mail, with the addition of succulents. I am so in love with this wreath, it just looks like Summer to me. Again all of my supplies are from Afloral.

What I love most about this look, is its almost undone look, its very romantic and looks so effortless, and its because it is. I saved all the pieces of leaves that fell off as I worked on the other arrangements , as well a few clippings of the ferns, three succulents, and three flower heads. I kept it very simple, and sparse by choice. And as usual as simple as can be, to create, you can’t make a mistake because if you don’t like it, take it all apart and start over. Just do it.

The only supplies you need:

A grapevine wreath

mixed florals of your choosing: I used

leftover leaves

1 stem-seeded Eucalyptus



glue gun and glue sticks

Then simply plug in your glue gun, so it starts to warm up, make sure to protect the area you are working on, from the dripping glue. I looked at my wreath and chose three areas, in somewhat of a triangle for a visually balanced look. I clustered two flower heads together, in one area, then one with a succulent. I added two of the succulents near the bottom, because literally and visually they are heavy. Using odd number is best. Since the succulents, were a little heavier, I wired those in to wreath. Then tucked in my pieces loosely, and then pulled one piece out at a time to add a little glue and then tuck back in.

Here I will share a link to the last 5 weeks, all have valuable information for working with florals and creating your own pieces, that you can create then take apart and re-create.






Everything I created was easy, and anyone can do it. Give something a try, you might be surprised what you can create yourself.

Thanks for Stoping by the Blog

Guess what, surprise there is a Bonus arrangement next week, because I just couldn’t stop myself, so check back, its something different.

Tammy Damore

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