#simplefloralfridays BONUS WEEK 7

Ok I know I said this was a six weeks series, so lets call this a Bonus Week, since it would be Week 7. Again I purchased these florals from Afloral, there quality and price are unbelievable. There was a time I  drove over an hour, regularly, to purchase florals for arranging, and I learned a lesson, about what a quality silk floral looked like, Afloral is just like this warehouse I used to frequent, only they deliver right to my front door. Woot Woot!!!

Anyway, I was working on a little Summer refresh of a few rooms, and I had recently purchased this oversized lantern, and I mean oversized, it is 36′ tall, its huge. In my eyes it needed a little something. Using just 3 stems of Ranunculus, 1 bunch of Purple Sedum that I took apart, and 4 pieces of Seeded Eucalyptus,  some wire, and a left over ribbon. Here is how it happened.

I held 1 pieces of Eucalyptus in my hand and laid the second piece on top, but just a little lower, then wrapped with wire. I continue that process, until I used the four pieces. then working back up the stems, I added in a Rannuculas and some Sedum, and then wrapped with wire, and then again a flower and some Sedum, wrapped with wire, and then one more time at the top. I then wrapped the wire in and out down through the entire garland, which was now about 10-12 inches long, to tighten everything up. Be careful to tuck the wire under leaves, and not wire them down, you are kind of hiding the wire as you go. I then made a kind of knot, by wrapping it under and through a few times, and snipped it with a wire cutters. I keep a bunch of ribbons stuffed in a drawer, that I save from gift bag handles or that come wrapped around packages, and I use them for things like this. I grabbed one, tied a knot up under the garland, then wrapped it around and around almost to the bottom. I snipped a few stems to keep them all the same length, and made another small tie at the end. I bent the stems to give them a curve so that I could simply set the garland around the top of the lantern. It literally took me 15 minutes to do this. And…..all the little pieces that fell to the floor, leaves and berries and such, I saved them to add to a wreath later.

A few other ways I have incorporated these blooms into my home.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the simple and easy ways I have used these faux flowers in my home. I have had so much fun, I hope to do it again near the Holidays.

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Tammy Damore