The Simplified Mantle…

Clean slate- after packing away the last of all the Christmas decorations, I like to start January with a kind of clean slate. Then slowly over the next few months leading up until spring, I slowly begin to add more and more to the room. Some are old things that I add back into the room in a different way, and some are new things I found along the way. But slowly over the months, the room, once simplified has begun to come back to life.

Every room should have at least one if not a few focal points. In my living room the fireplace is one of those special places, and one of my favorite places to change up often. If you don’t have a fireplace a mantle can be added to a focal wall to give you a place to decorate. In a recent blog post I talked about one of my recent finds The Galvanized Metal Bowl, here is how I used it in this minimal look for the month of January.




Then adding just a few more touches.




As I said I change this arrangement up often. Once spring approaches I will take away the heavy looking books and add some lighter touches. Check back again soon. Thanks for reading.

Tammy Damore

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