No Rain No Flowers

This really is one of my favorite times of year, not because I love the hot, humid, summer days, but because I adore the flowers that the April, and in this case May rains bring. I can’t et enough of them, the sweet fragrance of a vase full of peonies draws me into the room, the lush, full blooms of the hydrangea is one I like to cup in my hand and gaze into. But I am reminded of the fact that, without the rain there will be no flowers, and so I am thankful, even though I have had about 20 or 30 days of rain over the last two months.

If you follow along you know I recently added a new sideboard to my dining room, from My Collection over at Painted Fox. and it needed a grand piece of art, to set the stage, and nothing could be more perfect than flowers painted by the lovely and talented Deann Designs. The color pallet that she uses is so sof,t that it soothes the soul, and gives a calm to the space. Here I have chosen No Rain No Flowers, and I adore it. It has soft hints of lavender, blue, aqua, grey, tan, black and white, so it would work just about anywhere.

Be sure to stop by Instagram @thecultivatedhome to enter into a giveaway for a 30″ x 30″ print of No Rain No Flowers, you can enter from Tuesday May 30th through June 3rd, 2017  Simply follow along with @thecultivatedhome and @deannart and tag a friend in the comments on Instagram under the post. Remember enter on Instagram only.

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