A More Cohesive Look & Feel For the Dining Room

Does anyone else have that list of projects that you almost can’t bare to consider. You know the ones you want done, but dread the work involved, or the mess it will cause. If only I could go away on vacation, leave a list for someone of all those projects, just the ones, I know I won’t enjoy doing, and come home to everything done and everything cleaned up, oh I guess I was dreaming there for a moment. YIKES As much as I love hands on doing things myself, there are a few things I can’t do and will require us hiring in some help, those are the things that always seem to get pushed to the back burner.

A couple of years back I thought I wanted all my first floor doors, painted Black, classic right? Yes, it is, but not in this house, with me living here. I had one closet door in my dining that was already painted, the rest were still the natural wood, so I painted that one as a test. It looked good black, but I just never, really fell in love with it, plus I think too much Black can suck the light right out of the room. So I waited a couple of years, often just sitting in the living room and gazing out into each of these two rooms, which are open to each other. Ha Ha Should I paint them white, the walls are white, the molding is white, I don’t know. I love the raw wood doors I see on Instagram. But……I was going to be painting the staircase and maybe, just maybe, it would look nice if everything was more cohesive in color. I mean I had two orange doors, one black, and the one going the basement was brown. So I finally decided I would paint the doors, the same color as the Newel Post and Railing, and I couldn’t wait to jump in. It was a bumpy ride choosing the paint color, but once I made the decision I literally couldn’t sleep, the night before I was going to start.

Let me give you a peek at the staircase, just in case you didn’t see that.


…..and after.

Then a look at how that same color in the dining room, pulls the whole downstairs together, into one cohesive space.


…..and then after.

Its such a softer more romantic look and feel, and now all of the doors match. I used the color Doeskin by Sherwin Williams, and it is dreamy.

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