Softening up the LOOK and FEEL of the Staircase

One day it just hit me, I took a picture of this part of the room, and thought, it was pretty???, but it seemed harsh, not the soft, saturated, hues I had been craving lately. Even my Blue table that everyone gushes over, wasn’t looking good to me anymore. So, you know what that means, the Black had to go. And so I went on the hunt for what I would replace I with.

My staircase before the facelift. I loved it for years, but I had painted the black right over the wood with no primer, and it had began to wear away. If I was going to need to put the time into painting this entire staircase again, I might as well try something new, and I had already been drawn to some staircase, you can check them out on my Pinterest Board, entitled Staircases.

I decided to paint the stair treads as well, again since I hated the orange/brown, and I was about to paint my kitchen hardwood floor. Don’t go all cra cra on me, it is over 100 years old, and can not be sanded any longer, and it is a disaster of dirt that I can’t get clean anymore. So paint it is, until its in the budget for something else. But I’m excited.

This is a really old picture but it shows, the orange/yellow doors….next to the staircase.

My staircase is actually one of my favorite things about my home, I love it. So its important for me to maintain the paint here, as it gets dirty from shoes, and peels and chips every other year or so, from layers of paint over the 100+ years the house has been here. It is also the first thing you see when you come in through our front door, so its a big focal point. And then there are these hideous, orange doors, which were probably beautiful at one time, but I believe the old varnish has yellowed over many years and so they look orange. I considered stripping the doors, however when I decided to change the black on the staircase I thought to keep things cohesive, I would use the same color on the doors. Here are a few inspiration pictures, I found on Pinterest.

First I found this staircase, who’s with me, paint fixes everyhing……..

……and then this door in about a thousand versions, and I knew somewhere between these two colors, lied my perfect color. We had just made the 1 1/2 hour trip to our Benjamin Moore store, so I decided I would go local, to our Sherwin Williams store, and get there help to custom match, a shade right between these two.

In the meantime, the priming had begun of the upper half and I already love the fresh lighter look.

I actually spent two hours at my local store, working with the manager, she was a doll, and a very huge help. She did try to steer me in a bit of a different direction, but I was sure what I wanted, I thought. Together we created the most gorgeous color, right between a tan and a soft rose. Unfortunately once I applied the patch test is was a absolutely gorgeous mauve-pink and not at all the color I imagined. Ladies it ok, if now and then we make a mistake, no biggie, right. So then why did I have this sick feeling in my stomach like I just wasted time and money? No worries, I will use this paint somewhere else for sure, I love it, just not on my staircase. Luckily the manager that day had pulled a few paint samples that I took home with me. That night when my husband came home and he gasped at the the color, shook his head a little, and told me he did not like it, which he never does, he allows me free rein when it comes to decorating. but let me tell you, it was clear this paint had to go, we talked it over and looked at the samples the manager gave me, and the next morning we went to breakfast and then back to the Paint store to get another gallon of paint. Oh yes, my husband is a saint to deal with my crazy. So it was a bit of a rocky start, and I was nervous once again when this next shade went up, because it is a chameleon of a color and changes with the light in the room. but I love it, and my husband is ok with it. So all is well. I am already dreaming of what I might do with the custom color.

I did use Benjamin Moore Floor and Porch Paint on the treads, tinted Simply White to match the walls in this room, and the molding is Benjamin Moore in Chantilly Lace-Satin. The Newel Post, railings, and doors are Sherwin Williams-Doeskin in Satin.

Overall I am thrilled with this project. I always find myself painting a thousand things before Fall comes around, projects one right after another, just in time for the Fall and Christmas Season, and all the decorating.

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Tammy Damore

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