Vintage Inspired Fall Decor

Well, there is finally a chill in the air, we are planning to go on a Hayride, and Pumpkins are finally in abundance. Is it just me and my area, or were Pumpkins super late this year? Anyway…..time to decorate for Fall. I have joined up with five other women to bring you a unique Blog Hop called-

“FALL-ing for Vintage and Modern Decor”

Meet our host, Holli, you can check her post out HERE I will link the rest of the ladies at the bottom, please stop by and show them all some love, and check out all the inspiration.

What is it about something old? I have found myself wondering where the Vintage items I add to my home, came from, who loved them before me, and if they came from far off, or were most likely local. I have already walked into a Antique Store, and been over whelmed by the thought that every thing in front of me, had once been owned and loved by someone else……. who also treasured it. I’ve wondered how it ended up here, and why no one in the family wanted it. But I know Vintage is not for everyone.  I am the type that chooses Vintage over New, and there is nothing I enjoy more, than to mix the two together. In fact I adore Modern and Vintage mixed, and think its really Fresh, Edgy, and Romantic. It’s that collected over time look and feel, that I love so much, which feels more Authentic to me, because its who I am, its in my blood, you might say.

My style often changes, most times its so slight that most wouldn’t know it was happening. Right now I am loving all things white, in fact, I cannot get enough white. My eye goes right to the bright white in the room. I remember years ago hearing it said, that your eye goes right to color, but I’ve learned that your eye goes right to “what ever your heart desires” not color and not white. If you loathe color, your eye is defiantly not going to be zooming into the color, its going to look away, maybe even cringe. We gravitate toward that which we desire. There was a time when I thought white was boring, now I can’t get enough. Don’t be afraid to change your mind about something.

Anyway, what do those last two paragraphs have to do with each other……., everything? I love the fresh, crisp white Modern walls, mixed with Antique Armoires, Farm Tables, and Secretaries. Almost all of my furniture came from an Antique Store or Auction, and a lot of my decor, not my upholstered pieces, but any piece with a hard surface, came from an Antique Store, Vintage Market, Thrift Store, and even the curb!!! I especially love mixing old wood pieces, into my white, for example; I love wooden spoons and cutting boards, bread bowls, crates, and baskets. Then lots of Ironstone, concrete planters, and Vintage glass. My heart even pounds a little faster, for scales, Vintage Chandeliers, and Mirrors. I love so many things, and this Fall I am working to incorporate a few of my favorite Vintage things, into my Fall Decorating. Just by adding in a few pieces here and there, adds so much warmth to the space, which is right in line with the way Fall feels to me.

So today I am stopping by to share a few glimpses of the ways I’ve incorporated Vintage into my Fall Decor.

I find the kitchen one of the easiest areas, there is just so much to choose from, and for just a few dollars, if you hunt… can find

Vintage Demi John Bottles and look at this candle from ETU Home

Vintage Baskets and rolling pins, a sweet, Ironstone Creamer, and look at the Vintage Slate Pizza Tray.

Oh you know I love scales, can’t get enough……


….and these sweet Marmalade Crocks. Keep your eyes peeled, they are so versatile.

This sweet Apple Basket, is doing duty, filled with pumpkins.

We looked for one of these for years, an Antique Fishing Basket, look how sweet filled with Pumpkins, and mixed with this uplight from Pottery Barn, which is a dream.

A very simple arrangement of cut and dried Hydrangeas in the most beautiful wood vase from PCB Home, is all this table needs.

Pumpkins and blooms spilling down the sideboard, set the mood.

Vintage Glass, and if it is Blue….. even better.

Look at this adorable little stool, it tucks perfectly under this plate rack, when not in use, and I love the Pumpkin just sitting there. I imagine she is saying, I’m ready for my closeup 😉

What about a Vintage wooden bowl, stuffed to the gills with Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast Shop and look at this dreamy candle from Flashpoint Candles. 

Look at the dreamy blush pink beads, check them out at Rachel Elizabeth Creates.

I love and collect Vintage Trophies, one filled with flowers and one Fall Feathers.

I love tucking small Vintage Finds into this Secretary, like my small clock Collection, and some Vintage Books, add a few Petite White Pumpkins and you are ready for Fall.

Well that is it for this year, but I already have my eye out for a few items in particular that I would love to add to my home, and mix in with all my Modern Store bought decor, to add that “Collected Over Time” look and feel, I love so much. Be sure to stop by all the other girls Blogs, for even more inspiring ideas.

Happy Fall

Tammy Damore




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