The Magic of Christmas-the LIVING ROOM

Its time for woolen mittens and scarves, time for Pumpkin Pies, Sugar Cookies, and Glass Candy, I can’t wait. Oh the anticipation when you open that first Christmas bin, packed full of all things pretty, glittery, and full of memories of Christmas’s past, and the hope for the one right before us. So much planning, as far as decorating, meals, parties, cookie making, and gift buying, it is a very busy time of year. That is certainly a good reason to decorate early, simply so you can sit back and enjoy the Holidays. For me its really all I know, so I go with it. Growing up we always had our home fully decorated for Christmas, by Thanksgiving Day. The two Holidays always seemed like one big Season of Joy and Happiness to me. Then early in my twenties I landed the most fabulous job as a Buyer, so I was buying Christmas in February, and setting it up in store, starting in July. So yes, everything in my life has lead me right here…….I love to decorate, and isn’t it just the most magical time of the year. So I start early, get just about everything in place, then mess with it every day or so, maybe even add in something new, and then early December I add in the Fresh Greens, these magnificent garlands are from CF Greens, and wow ,do they make a difference.


and after.

I find I think about Christmas all year. Almost every purchase I make, I make with Christmas in mind. I love the magical, whimsical, dreamy look and feel that Christmas brings to a home, and I really strive to incorporate all those things throughout the year, through every season that have a similar feel. I want the things I add to my home to be relevant to the season I’m in, and also work well as the base layer for Christmas. I talked awhile back, about ¬†how I like to set the stage, so to speak, starting in early September into October, for Christmas, by moving furniture around to make room for trees, adding in layers and layers of candles, some flameless-which require about 100 batteries in all, and I always like to stock up on pillars, votives, tapers and jar candles, to have plenty of real candlelight on hand. By starting early, I get first pick of a lot of the early Christmasy things, and my budget isn’t blown all at the same time. I actually make a plan, of what I will buy each month, leading up to Christmas, but that is another Blog post. I get almost everything in place, and then I sit back an evaluate, take a few pictures, and see what I still need. Of course I always add in some fresh greens early in December, they last about 2 full weeks indoors, before they dry up and start to look dead. As I add them in, I do tweak things just a bit. I mean when I add the garland to the Mantle, I move things around a little, and so on. I add fresh greens to mirrors and vases, I may ever tuck some real into the faux at times, or wreaths to windows and doors, in changes every year, really. The truth is I am never really done, until its over. All the time, I am taking notes and planning the next year. With this plan in mind I can make notes in my planner for the following year, month to month, of what I need to do, or purchase, or paint to prepare for the following the year, but that post is coming soon. Here are a few images I snapped of Christmas 2017

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Tammy Damore

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