Cutting Hydrangeas to Dry

I can only speak to what works here on the East Coast. I have been cutting Hydrangeas in the early Fall to dry for many, many years. There is really no trick to it, simply use September 15th as the guideline for cutting. You can tell because the flowers actually change color much like a Fall leaf. But they are the most beautiful shades of lime green, fuchsia, deep pink, pale pink, blue and purple. I like to cut them early in the morning, because the bees are still sleeping. I mean I don’t even know if bees sleep, but I can guarantee you they are not swarming the flower heads, early in the morning, so do it then. The more you cut the more come back the next year, so if you don’t have any of your own, ask a friend or neighbor if you can sneak a few. Cut more than you think you will need. Once you get them home you will think of a million places to use them. I even like tucking the broken heads into bowls or tabletop arrangements.

So no tricks but here is a tip, arrange them as soon as you can, no water necessary, or you can use just an inch of water to help them over the shock of being cut, either way they will survive. Arrange them, check from all angles to make sure you love what you see, then walk away. I mean photograph your creation for sure, but don’t disturb the arrangement. In a few days it will be set in stone, so to speak. Meaning there is no rearranging, its a done deal. Enjoy for many months. If I tire of the arrangement, I move the flowers into a cardboard box and store in the basement for the Christmas Holidays.

If you decide to use them in your Christmas decor and why not???? It will be a bit messy to separate the individual stems from each other, but its doable. by now there color has faded and there new beauty has appeared. They now look like translucet antique paper, so lovely. And they look beautiful against winter pine. Sometime I pick extra that I don’t use in an arrangement at all, and simply store in the basement for Winter. I use them indoors and out.

Here are a few shots I grabbed the morning of the cutting. The Wood Vase is from PCBHOME  

and the pretty Velvet Pumpkins are from LoveFeastShop.

Please stop by these small shops and show them a little love.

As far as planting in the Spring, here on the East Coast use May 15th as a guideline. I usually don’t add any hanging baskets, ferns to urns, or annuals to my garden until right around this date. I move my huge Jade Plant to the deck at this point and bring it in around October 15th or prior to the first threat of a frost. More talk about the Jade plant later, it is about 30 years old.

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