Adding Candlelight for the Fall and anytime.

Whenever I can, I add in the flicker of a burning candle. I truly cannot get enough. I love how the dancing flicker of the flame looks, and the aroma of the scent makes the home just feel so good. I burn candles all year, but starting in the Fall through the Christmas Holidays, I burn a candle just about everyday. I enjoy many different Brands. These above in the small Votive Cups, came from Homegoods. I like these small votives because they are encased in glass, so they don’t melt inside the cup, which means no cleanup. When they burn out I through them out.

Lately I have found a few new Brands. I love these from for there simplicity. They mix well with any style decor, and have very unique and beautiful scents.

Then there is ThomasFerrierNYC these candles are a class act.

This next Brand is FlashointCandles and I literally don’t have words for the beauty of these candles, they are impressive, multiple wicks with a big impact, amazing beautiful scents that fill the room, and when the candle burns out, you are left with the most amazing heavy piece of pottery. Just stunning.

Lastly I am always looking for beautiful candelabras and or items I could use for a candle.

This piece was called Flower Vase, but I saw candle holder. You need to keep an open mind.

Anyway…….there are so many wonderful candle Brands out there, even more than I mentioned here. Tons of small shop owners with sweet packaging and pretty candles. But get some candles, whatever kind you desire, they add so much ambiance to the room.

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Tammy Damore

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