I’m Struggling……….with Things

Wow, what a title, right? But the truth is just that. I am in one of those transition periods that decorators go through. I am just slightly tweaking my look. I am still loving all the same things, styles, and design. However, suddenly everything looks cluttered to me, how much is too much, how little is too little. I love simplicity, and minimalist spaces, however, I want pretty things around, they inspire me and make me feel good. So how can I edit, and still have a space that is decorated, but not have everything I own on display. See the perdicment I’m in.

I’m realizing that every couch and chair, doesn’t need a table, every table doesn’t need decor, and every wall doesn’t need a picture. Simple is better on my mantle if I have something on the Printers Cabinet beside it, and if I leave the Cabinet empty, I can do it up on the mantle. I don’t always need something on the hearth. Do I need all those pillows ?????………. oh, I think I do. I do avoid prints for this same reason though, they give me anxiety, maybe a subtle check, polka dot, stripe or animal print, but that is it. And by subtle I mean a muted tone with a softness. Let me share an example of one of my favorite printed pillows by Jolie Marche.

….and now I’ve added these White ones with Blush Pink Tassels from RachelElizabethCreates

….another example from International Threads Co.

I am simply drawn to soft, subtle prints.

So I continue on this struggle of loving things layered and rooms full of texture, but wanting it to be clear its a home, and not a staged retail display, or Home For Sale. Maybe its because, I actually did work on store displays for my job, many years ago. I guess, I fear having that happen, and making sure I don’t fall into that trap. So I am realizing if I am going to do it up in one area, the rest of the room needs to be carefully edited. For me this is just where I am for now.

I recently removed my mini gallery wall from my staircase. It suddenly felt so busy. Let me show you a before and after. Even the Black paint on the railing and newel post suddenly felt harsh to me, which is why I softened it up.


……..immediatly ¬†after…

…and now, minus the gallery wall.

All lovely, but I am loving the single piece of art from PurpleRoseHome. 

I feel like this piece is striking and draws your eye right in, and again so simple and a soft color.

My Mantle is one of my favorite spots in the Living Room, but it can get cluttered quickly, if I have a lot going on and then add something to the hearth, and the Printers Cabinet.

I’m not loving this, too many items. Lets look at another view, a little more edited.

There is less on the coffee table, I removed the flowers from the lantern, and the bowl from the Printers Cabinet. Just a few small teaks and I feel I can still do more, or should I say less.

Those are just a few examples of what I am working through right now. paring down, getting rid of things, buying less, and more thoughtful items. I am trying to only purchase items I believe I will still want in ten years.

I didn’t decide to do this, it just happened. I realized January this year, which is my normal time to edit, that maybe I wanted a little more simple look and feel. I decided to slowly edit, remove and get rid of some things. And instead of buying more decor I would purchase some bigger pieces this year. I made list and stuck to it. A pair of matching chairs for the living room, a Mirror for the dining room, a new bed, (this ended up being a New Old Bed), and a recliner for the hubby. I did still go shopping and look at decor in the beginning of the year, I mean thats what I have always done. I was making my monthly trip to Homegoods and coming home with nothing. I saw tons of beautiful things that I loved, but nothing I really needed. I would have had to remove something I already have and love, just to add something new. After several failed visits, I realized I simply didn’t want anything there. I am sure that will change when Christmas rolls around, but that is about it, at least for now. I have been investing my money into pieces that I truly love, the pieces that my dreams are made of. Bigger items, things I actually need. I’m not saying I will never buy decor again, but I simply have no desire to go on the hunt for “whatever” I might find. Unless there is something in particular that I need for a reason, I am just not interested. So far, I haven’t needed a thing. Additionally I have been purging in every area of my life, makeup, toiletries, home decor, holiday decor, clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry. I simply don’t want to have so much stuff, its making me crazy.

Maybe you are feeling the same way, maybe you have been there and come through it, or maybe you are in the same boat as me, and we can encourage each other as we go through it. Change comes all of the time, it took me a little while to realize what was happening. Once I figured it out I embraced it and redirected my thinking. I am still planning all kinds of changes to the house, updates, paint jobs, new furniture pieces, and remodels. I am still crazy in love with decorating, I simply want to slow down, and make well thought through decisions, based on my needs. I am still waiting for a pair of tables to come for the Family Room, that I can use as a coffee table or move out of the way, and I plan to purchase a new kitchen island, one much smaller for my space. Next year, I am tackling outdoor spaces. My Deck, Patio, and Porch, all need a little attention. I am already on the hunt for the right pieces. Our BIG plan and I do mean BIG, is to get our home resided, I am hoping we get to that in the next year. It is still the old Clapboard wood siding. It is a huge job, since the house is three stories, and the basement is raised, but I am super excited, we have waited so many years to be able to afford it. So that is why my focus is moving outside. Fun Fun

Just taking time. Have a great day.

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