Preparing the House for the Holiday Season, Throughout the Year

It might seem a little nutty, to some, maybe even most, but I am of the mindset to always be preparing for the next big thing. I am big on time management, and have always packed way to many things into one day. Now that am getting older, I am realizing that I maybe need to stop a little earlier in the day, so I don’t have quite as much pain at night. But we are not here to talk about that. I want to share with you my kind of, perpetual preparation for everything, but today we are talking about the Christmas Holiday Season.

You may be wondering, what could you possibly be doing now, early October, to prepare,………anybody? Let me tell you, I have been preparing since December of last year, because that is how I roll, that is when I start to plan for the following years decor. I want to watch for sales, look for inspiration, and make a plan, that I actually write out in my planner, so I know what direction I’m heading. I make a list of any items I need to purchase, and if there are large items, I pick them up throughout the year, so I am not overwhelmed with tons of shopping for the home, when I need to be buying gifts. I am talking large items first. These were things I wanted for my home, and wanted to make sure I had everything in place by the Holidays, and that I was able to spread out the purchasing of these items over the entire year.

Additionally I make a list of general things I need based on what I have, the plan I have for the coming year, and what I need. A list like that might include, more Mercury Glass Ornaments, one Mercury Glass Tree to bring me to three. This past year I went on the hunt all Summer at Flea Markets for Vintage Ornaments, because I planned a tree of only Vintage. So you can see, its not a large list, just things I see I am missing, so I make a note.

What could you purchase in September, easy, candles of all sizes, pillars tapers, votives, tea lights.

As for what can you be doing right now, October? Depending on where you shop, as soon as these things hit the stores or the Catalogs, purchase: Table clothes, Napkins, Napkin Rings, throw Pillow Covers. Consider a table cloth you can use for more than just Christmas, you might find a white linen tablecloth on sale, and could easily add some Holiday Napkins to it. I find the linens sell out quickly, and Napkin Rings are about impossible to find close to the Holidays. If you have a Holiday Party, Church Gathering, or Work Party, now is the time to start shopping for your outfit, accessories, and shoes. Don’t wait until the last minute.

If you use Artificial Trees, Wreaths, or Garlands, they are all on SALE NOW, get them ordered and tuck them in the garage, until its time to bring them out. Additionally, by the end of October, if you prefer a lightbulb of any specific color except multi. Pick them up as soon as they hit the shelves. If you want a unique color like amber, pink, even green, the stores don’t carry many, get them when you see them. Next on the list to sell out white, especially if you need a specific color wire. Meaning white for a white tree, green for a green tree, and if you are a Tinsel tree lover, you will probably need to go on the hunt for silver wired string lights, fast, but they are out there. If you add ribbons or tags to your garland gifts, pick those up before Thanksgiving for the best selection. Soon it will be slim pickings.

Early November is the time to order any Fresh Greenery you want for delivery by Thanksgiving or after. You can usually pick the week you would like your fresh greens to arrive. I love picking up bundles of branches at our local tree farm to use here and there. This year I have a special project planned, “since last year”, so I know I need them, and “I will be there with bells on” when the Farms open for business. Additionally I know I will be using a lot of green floral wire for this project, so I will pick that up ahead time, maybe even when I go to the Garden Center for my Fall Pumpkins. Mid November-time to place your order for Fruit and Candy gift deliveries, and you get to chose the week. Make sure you pick up all your paper products in November. Christmas Cards, paper plates, napkins, and Wrapping Paper, are well stocked then. Hallmark in particular runs amazing sales on these items in November. but even if you are shopping at Homegoods, November can’t be beat, to pick up these items before they are picked over. I use all the same paper or coordinating papers, so early choices are very important to me, and if you didn’t get your ribbons in October, grab them now.

All of these tips, can help you get through the Holidays with your sanity.

You know what December is for, right, baking, and parties. Time to finish up all the loose ends…….and enjoy, its time for caroling, cookies, and Pumpkin Pie.You can still order fruit now, for January delivery. Also December is the time to be planning any new idea you have for the following year. Watch for sales after Christmas and make those lists, they will save you a lot of headaches.

If you stopped by to check out this post, Thanks.

Tammy Damore

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