A New-Old Bed and a few Tweaks for my Bedroom

The truth is, I love white Walls and Neutral decor for a couple reasons; my eye wants to see it, and with very little effort it can all look very different, in an instant, and I love change. It was in the plan to buy a new bed this year, and I knew which one I wanted for awhile, and, it was from my favorite store, Anthropologie. I always have so many projects going, so, I was in no hurry to order the bed. In the meantime I came across an Antique Bed that caused a stirring, down deep in my soul, I didn’t even say anything to my husband, but I remembered that bed. Remember, I was in no hurry, and then………..one day, when I least expected it, the bed at the “favorite store” went on Clearance. Suddenly, I found myself forced into a predicament, New Bed or……… oh no, I was thinking about that antique bed, what??? The New Bed was on SALE, but the Old Bed made my heart go pitter patter……..what to do???? I dreaded the thought that we would need special brackets for the headboard, so that my queen frame would except a full headboard. I would need a converter kit, to allow my frame to except a footboard. It seems we are always rigging something, or going through such a rigamarole to get it done. If you love Antiques, you know exactly what I mean. I kept telling myself, just order the new bed, but in the end, I could not do it. I imagined I would be sleeping in the “New Bed” and dreaming of the “Antique” So I told my husband, I’ve decided, ………. I want the old bed, he just looked at me and said, “are you sure?” Yes, Yes, and Yes, I am sure, I think its just in my blood. Below I will link the two converter kits we used to make it all work.

Here is the link to the Headboard Converter Brackets 

Link to Footboard Extender and Brackets

All of this was happening at the same time I was emptying the contents of my Study into my Dressing Room, and making plans to build a Mantle in the Family Room in time for Christmas. GAH It wasn’t that I planned all these projects at the same time, it was just fate, or luck, I mean what else could it be? So we were off and running.

So the plan was to paint the bed after Christmas, of course I would paint the bed, right? Then I thought, I’ll paint it while I am painting all the things in the study, but no. I can not decide if I really want the bed painted. I love painted furniture, but something about this bed, I don’t know what it is, but its kind of fabulous in its original dark wood. I even spent the morning one day, trying on different bedding to see if the color of the bedding would give me a definitive idea about what I wanted to do, but I am still unsure so I will leave it for now. Will I ever, some day, in the future, maybe, paint the bed, maybe? But for now, I am leaving it, as I am perplexed, and just not really sure what I want.

Then there is the gallery wall, I just can’t rock a gallery wall, I don’t get it.  I moved the Gold Angel Wings across the room on the other side, they fill the space nicely. At this point I was left with the largest wall in the room, what to do, what to do, and I got an idea.

If you hadn’t noticed, I purchased two larger Mirrors this year, one for the Mantle and one for the Sideboard in the Dining Room. Which left me with all of my Vintage Mirrors and no where to hang them, they were all stacked and leaning against a wall in my study, and had to be gently moved, so I could paint that room. I once had a Mirror Wall in the corner by my Fireplace in the LR. I had a round table there and on both side of the walls in the corner, were all of my Vintage Mirrors, minus one that my husband picked up two years ago for $10 at an auction, and that one is my favorite. So I decided a Mirror Wall of most of my Vintage Mirrors for the bedroom would be perfect. I loved Susan’s from @kindredvintage’s dining room so much, (thanks for the inspo sweet girl) and thought something similar in my bedroom would be lovely. I adore it, and they are all safely stored. They add a lot of drama, and yet seem so simple.

Then I was lucky enough to Collaborate with Purple Rose Home, for the bedding, and I adore the Mauve color, and especially against the white, and on this dark bed, it all looks and feels so moody. I am adding a Duet Cover in here, but that won’t be until early December.I need a little extra in the Winter months here, and of course I fell in love with one at Pottery Barn, so you know.

I added a small table top tree here for the Holidays from, King of Christmas, as well as the sweet touch, of a, JuJu Hat from JuJuBoutik in a Petite size, isn’t  it the perfect addition to the top of this bed. And check out this beautiful Chunky Throw from Becozi, it is so beautiful in white.

If you have been following my Blog on my Instagram for any length of time, you might have figured out my way of decorating, I am a bouncer. Ha Ha Look for a post soon, explaining my method.

Thanks so much, for Stopping by my Blog

I love having you.

Tammy Damore

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