Re-painting an Antique General Store Counter

I have this Antique General Store Counter, that I once had in my Dining Room, and had painted it Navy. It was pretty, but not really me, do you feel me. I see lots of things all the time that I think are pretty, cute, lovely and so on, but not for me. This color just didn’t do it for me, it was too primitive or too Country, not really sure, but since I now have a new sideboard in the Dining Room, this piece was moved into the study, to house some of my overflow decor, GAH. So of course I wanted to paint it white. However, how many coats of white paint, do you think it would take to cover Navy, too many. Because I don’t want to waste paint or time, I am starting by covering the entire piece with one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey from

You can see here the Grey really does a great job covering the dark navy. I did clean the piece first with TSP since it did have a coat of wax on it. I allowed it to dry all day, and then applied the Grey. No sanding, required.

Here is the first coat of White. I decided to mix a 50/50 mix of Old White and Pure White, so there would be a slight variation in color up against the white wall. It is still looking a little blue/grey, which should change with an additional coat or two. I plan to store all White, silver, gold, and or neutral decor on these shelves when I am not using them down stairs in the main rooms.

You can see in this picture, this piece is rather rustic, so it did soak up the paint. I have never experienced that before. I realized while painting this piece, that is the reason it didn’t work for me, too rustic, I think in this space and painted white it will give it a bit of a more elevated feel, as much as it can for the style and look of the piece. Think about it really, this is the back and the front is against the wall. Which is really pretty but I need to use the shelving. In its day this would have been where the clerk stood and the customer would have stood on the other side, the side against the wall is actually the front of the piece and is very pretty.

….and then just a little Christmas touch.

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Tammy Damore

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