Transitional Decor-before and after the Holidays

I always find myself craving Christmas very early, its just in my blood. I know it makes a lot of people crazy, but please forgive me, I love this time of year, and plan for it starting November-December for the coming year, so I am always a little anxious to get to it. I believe after years of retail work, I am simply conditioned to wanting to see it, and there are already Christmas commercials out, have you noticed, because I have. 😉 So, yes, I am already dreaming of Christmas. I do start to set the stage, so to speak, about this time of year, by putting in place permanent large items, moving items into storage to make room for the tree. Moving the furniture, and setting up any items, that aren’t necessarily Christmas, but I plan to use: furs, throws, winter pillows, candles sticks, and on and on it goes. So basically any decor that would work to transition you from late Fall to late Winter, up until Spring. I find this clean space, very inspirational, and I get a lot of, scathingly brillant ideas, as I sit with my coffee and stare into my spaces, making my lists and checking them twice. After the holidays are all over and I strip away the Trees, I am again left with this look again, which takes me through the colder months.

Here I replaced the Pumpkins with Antlers, and added in warm cozy throws.

This Mirror from Manoir_group, a new, unexpected addition, is magical and dreamy, which by the way, means, it meets all of my requirements for pure perfection, it is to die for. I cannot even contain my excitement, and the dreams I have for decorating this piece.

I cleaned out the secretary and removed all the blue, adding in these precious Red Velvet Pomegranates from LoveFeastShop.

Layers and layers of pillows and throws, makes everything feel cozy.

This gorgeous new Antler Pillow from Royal Scout and Co., is perfect for all winter long. This is the time period where I am looking at my plans, and seeing if there is anything left that I need to pick up. Still on the list to pick up this year, Pillar Candles, and candlesticks. I make a list every year, at Christmas for the next year, and work on picking those items up throughout the year, so I don’t have to purchase everything at one time.

So basically I add in all the warm and fuzzy things, candles and layers of mirrors, all the bare necessities, then when the Holiday decorating begins, I can simply add in some garlands, trees, wreaths and stockings, and I am good to go.

Its a balancing act of remove and add, remove and add. We do it all year, and if you are like me, you love every minute of it. So, make a plan, make a list, and get ready, because here comes Christmas, only 67 day to go, YIKES

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Tammy Damore

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