A New Faux Fireplace Facade

Just popping in quick with a room update. When we sent out on our journey to remodel our Family Room, two Summers ago now, my plan was to remove the radiator and replace it with baseboard heat, and a gas Fireplace. Of course my plans don’t always work out, and this case, I didn’t get either. The radiator is still here, and I wasn’t able to add a Fireplace because there was not a enough room. So, at some point this year I decided I wanted to add a Faux Fireplace, and we went on the hunt to find one. Everyone I found was too large for our narrow space, so the search went on, and on, and on. Then one day I saw my sweet friend, Natalie from The Vintage Porch, make a Faux Mantle out of an old bed, and I got an idea. I didn’t have an old bed, but maybe we could use scrap wood. I found a pair of Corbels, that would add the perfect touch, and the rest we would figure out.

┬áIt really ended up being a lot easier that I expected. Of course my husband did all the work, but even for him, it only took a couple of hours, and that included going to Lowe’s to purchase a piece of plywood, and having it cut to size in store. For our space we decided to make it tall, so I did 60’tall and 40″ wide, so it would be center on the wall. Remember that radiator was in my way, so 40″ was my top measurement, as far as the width went. And since all of the furniture in the room was about the same height, I knew I needed it to be a bit taller that typically. Although in a lot of older homes, you will find tall and narrow fireplaces, because the rooms are often times smaller.

Here is what we ended up with. Now to prime and paint this thing, and get it ready for Holiday Decorating…….and now here we are.

So with just a little work, some paint and some magic, I ended up with a warm and comfy space, even though I didn’t get exactly what I had originally planned.

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Tammy Damore

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