Purchasing Things in Multiples for More Impact

Well, it’s no secret, I love to decorate and I love to go on the hunt for, The Find. I’ve learned over the years, by trial and error, {is there any other way to learn?} that to many small items- can start to look like clutter. So I have learned to buy a few very carefully, selected large items, {who an I kidding, usually I just stumble upon them} and also any items that are smaller- I like to collect in multiples and display as a group. This method not only has more impact, but it also looks like it is one item instead of several smaller ones. Now you don’t want every table top to be a collection of a particular item, so just use this method on a table top or two, or on a wall. One idea I’ve used before is a tablescape of clocks. You might also use an entire wall to hang a collection of clocks.


Here, I’ve uses a corner to hang a collection of mirrors that I collected over time.

Tammy Christmas Decor-35

Another way of decorating with a particular item, is to sprinkle them through out a room, used in different ways. Using some old books for example in a recent Mantle styling but also tucked into a wire container, and remember that vintage container filled with books as well. All of these could be in the room at the same time.


The books in this wire-lidded tray-are all Bibles or New Testaments.




Somethings you may consider collecting in multiples might be: clocks or clock faces, mirrors, antique metal fans, wooden boxes and crates, dough bowls, maps, old books with pretty covers, sheet music, old jewelry, antique ball jars, bell jars. Maybe it isn’t the particular thing you want to collect, but you are interested in all things made from paper, wire, wrought iron, or wood. You get the point.

You can also use the idea of mixing finishes or textures to give a table top some interest. Say on a mantle or table top, you hang a mirror, then use a stack of old books, something metal and some type of greenery. The preserved boxwood topiary trees and wreaths look fabulous all year round, and can easily be found at Homegoods, Pottery Barn, or at your local garden center. You will see them used throughout my rooms.

There are many ways to decorate, no wrong or right way, just do what appeals to your eye. Get out there and find out what you are attracted to. You might be surprised to find out there is a little decorator in all of us.

Thanks for reading. Come back soon!

Tammy Damore

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