Layers and Layers for the Tree-“Dripping in Magic”

I love to decorate, that is no secret, but decorating for Christmas is on a whole other level. There is just something about the bright lights that make me feel all warm and fuzzy, memories flooding back, and all things nostalgic. I love to take my time when I decorate, and slowly layer in “all the things” I start by adding the lights, then all the ornaments, then the pics, then the ribbon. But really the order is just what ever works for you. Sometimes I change it up, based on what I have planned. I make small tweaks every year, just to keep it fresh.

I work to constantly build a bin full of ornaments, and a bin full of floral pics. I use the floral pics on the staircase, Mantle, Floral Arrangements, and the Tree. So when I find one I really love, I buy 20 or 30 of the same thing. Over the years of building up this stock of pics, allows you to make a tweak here and there and use what you have in a different way. And as long as you are buying at least one thing every year but in multiples, even when something has seen better days, and you need to throw it out, you will never run out of beautiful things.

This year I didn’t decorate the staircase because of this gorgeous Leaner Mirror I received from Manoir Group. It is so stunning, but will move to a permanant home in my dressing room next year. So I will be back to decorating the staircase again next year.

Here is the Tree, with just the ornaments. Dozens and dozens of Mercury Glass Ornaments. I pick some up every year.

Then some floral pics, handmade paper ornaments dipped in German Glass Glitter, and Glittered mini Garlands from Devanie At Home.

Ribbon and a smidge of crimson……….the finished Tree 2017

I hope you enjoy decorating your tree even half as much as I enjoy decorating mine. It took me three weeks, on and off. I didn’t do it everyday, but I slowly added in the things I love, then sat back for a few days, and added in the next layer. It looks to me like its “Dripping in Magic”

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