Clearing The Room and Clearing My Mind

Last Fall, I took a look at my study, and somehow it had ended up, so full of all of my overflow decor, that I was no longer going into the space, because I no longer enjoyed it. So, I moved every single thing out of the room, painted the walls white, of course, added back just the things that would stay, and stored everything else somewhere else, temporarily. Last Spring, we did a big purge, and it felt so good, so this year it looks like there will be, an even bigger purge. I am looking forward to moving it out. I painted an Old General Store Counter and a desk, and then put the study on the back burner, to get ready for the Holidays, and a trip to Texas to visit a new grand baby. I love the counter because I can store some of my decor there. I decided to limit it to neutral colors, to avoid a busy look, I want to keep things clear. All of the clutter had been giving me anxiety, which is why I stopped going into the room, and this room was meant to be a creative space.

Its the New Year, my Christmas Decor is finally neatly packed away, and I am ready to tackle a couple of small updates to my Study. First on the list, I added the most Gorgeous Beaded Chandelier, The Germantown, CLICK HERE-> Amped Decor. This chandelier is drop dead gorgeous, and has a Modern Romantic Look and Feel. Be sure to use the code: CULTIVATEDHOME at checkout, when you purchase anything from her charming shop, to receive 20% off.

To me, the lighting is the most important element in a room, the rest is all fluff. I love fixtures that are artistic, and that add something special. In this case the beads are so beautiful, a soft white or hazy pale grey. I am in love with it. I plan to keep this room clear, to help keep my mind clear. I want to enjoy the space, but I make such big messes, why? I don’t get it. My house is always clean, but my bedroom and study tend to get messy so quickly because, I do a lot of planning in these spaces. But I am definalty going to work at keeping it a little more clear of clutter. #NewYearGoals.

Here is another angle.

This big wall right here, is where I am stuck. What should I do? I change my mind so often that I struggle to settle on an idea. I have considered Wall Paper, but it would need to be really dramatic, so I wouldn’t loose interest in it. Wood Planks, the stick on kind, do they stay in place, that is my big worry, I love the look. Paint, here is where my heart really is, you can create so many beautiful faux finishes with paint, and I have worked with paint for so many years. Also after the paint, if I didn’t like it, I could still choose another option. All I know for sure is I want drama, magic, dreamy, all the words that give me all the feels.

It’s a small space in here, so it is a challenge to get a full room shot, unless I stand in the foyer.

The above three shots are the size of the wall, that I am dealing with. It is the wall I face when I am sitting at my desk.

Anyway check back, or follow along on Instagram @thecultivatedhome to see what I do next. I know I’m excited to see. ha ha

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