New Year Resolutions 2018

The first thing I take care of every year is getting myself a fabulous planner. Last years was from Target this year I found this one from Day Designer, and I adore it.It has a full month view, which I love, and then a full page for every day, with plenty of room for taking notes, writing down my thoughts, and planning all my projects, and there is a wide range of designs and sizes.

  Hmmmmmmm my resolution process, might not be like most others. The things I ponder are more about mindset than things I want to do. Of course I have plans for projects, but they are not the things that move me. I try to focus more on what is going to make me feel better, be a better wife, mother, daughter and friend, and just keep me more in touch and open minded, and what is going to light a fire within me. I know its a little quirky, but so am I. A few years back, the only resolution I had was, “To Chose Joy”, it was such a popular phrase that I used it all year. It was a kind of trigger word, or if I felt down in the dumps, I preached JOY, to myself. It really helped me, and there is no failing. I still use it if I need to.

So this year, it is a little more detailed, than just a phrase I claim. However, still very generic and doable. I thought about how hyper I am, and then how when I try to relax in the evening, I have anxiety. Well, I think the answer to that is to consciously, SLOW MY PACE, but in many ways. Not just slow down when I am running up and down the stairs, but slow my pace when making decisions, when making plans, even just when I am thinking, I am a deep thinker, but I also think and think about things that in the end don’t really matter, so trying to rein that in a bit. I don’t want to be in a hurry, I have always hated timelines. Even if we plan to go off for the day, my husband always asks, what time are we leaving, and I am not comfortable with that. I don’t want to tie myself down to a time, and then have him saying, are you ready yet? I prefer to leave for the day, when I’m ready.  What is the rush, anyway? Who knows what the morning might bring, anything could happen that would change the course of the day, so I prefer to just let it happen. The goal is to leave for the day, but no timeline. The funny thing is I am a planner, and I don’t do “spur of the moment” very well at all, I detest surprises, they really mess with my head and throw me for a loop. I think I literally get dizzy and a little nauseous.  So, I feel like this mindset falls somewhere in between . I plan to go, but take my time and go when I am ready. This isn’t some knew way of thinking for me. I’ve looked back through the years, and realized that I have always been like this, I just understand it a little better now. When my children were young, I would get up in the morning, pour my coffee, sit in my chair, plan the day, and daydream about the upcoming days. I never had a plan or a time set that I would sit there, I just sat there until I was done thinking, then my mind would clear, but yet I would have clarity, and I would spring up out of my chair, and proclaim loudly for all the children to hear, “I’m up” they understood that this meant, the day had now begun, I was off and running. Ha Ha no one is even here anymore, and still sometimes I say that out loud when I get up. Also on my list of thing to get into, I want to listen to Podcasts and Audio Books, so please leave your recommendations, below. I am a self help book lover, anything positive, uplifting, encouraging and empowering.

As far as projects, I gather in January, start projects in February, and again, even though I’m anxious to finish, we take our time, because we do most of the work ourselves, and get a friend to help on some of the more complicated things. On the agenda this year, a little refresh in the Dining Room, shifting carpets, and a fabulous new Chandelier, and I am still on the hunt for Buffet Lamps, and a Mora Clock. Then the big project, the one I am most excited about the Dressing Room, its not a gut job, I don’t do well with demo either, but we will be ripping out the dated 70’s ceiling tile and ugly hunter green carpet, everything will get painted of course, I think I will do something fun on one of the walls in there. We also found two, almost matching Vintage Crystal Chandeliers, one will be hung in my bedroom and one in the Dressing Room. And the most exciting thing, we are busting through my bedroom wall and adding a pair of, Vintage 15 Pane French Doors, that will be hung on Barn door sliders. This will open the two rooms up to each other, so you will be able to see the two Chandeliers, at the same time. I am super excited to work in the dressing room after all of that is finished, adding in a few special touches I have in mind. Also, a fun project in my study/office, a fun wall and a New Chandelier, this will be happening at the same time, so its going to get “all crazy up in here.” And I can already hear my husband saying, ‘don’t start more than one project at a time” but that is how my brain works, I can’t help it. I have several other projects on my brain, that I call, on the back burner. I hope to get to one or ore of them, new Kitchen Island, Built in Cabinet, rip out closet, outdoor spaces. Yeah, that is a lot. We will see, there is always next year. I live for this stuff, I hate the mess but its so satisfying in the end.

Anyway, lets have a great year, together, at the end we will be a better version of ourselves and have accomplished lots of Home Projects.

Thanks for Stopping by the Blog.

Tammy Damore


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