A New Light Fixture in the Dining Room-Hygge Style

Hello sweet friends, I have had the amazing opportunity to partner with Lamps Plus, and add this FABULOUS fixture to my home. I have often found myself lost on there site for hours, taking in all the beautiful chandeliers and lamps. Though this is a sponsored post, know that I would never promote anything, I didn’t stand behind 100% I am in love with this fixture, and I think it is easy to why. Now lets dig in!

Okay, lets talk dreamy. This fixture, which I have had my eye on for quite some time, captures perfectly the look and feel, I always try to aim for when adding touches to my spaces. Some trigger words for me, are as follows: Dreamy, Magical, Ethereal, Enchanting, Cozy, Welcoming, and all of these words fit into the category of Hygge. This fixture is perfect for the decorating Style of Hygge, lets talk s a little about that.

Pronounced- Hoo-gah, it is a way of life really, a mindset, and a coziness. One that lines up perfectly with my New Years Resolutions for 2018. As far as lighting, this style loves defused lighting, and multiple lamps and candlelight, so if you must have a ceiling fixture, make sure its one with low light, multiple layered shades, or one like this where the bulbs are hidden from site, inside. That was a little scary for me because the fixture that had been here, had 760 watts of light, compared to this one having 125 watts of light. Luckily for me, I have such bright light filled rooms, that it really didn’t matter. I am on the hunt to add two buffet lamps to my Sideboard, I think I found the perfect ones, and I have chosen ones that take a 150 watt bulb, so that is 300 more watts of light. Additionally I will be adding in many candles, which I will use, both Flameless and Real Flame Candles, ambient lighting is the preferred method for the Hygge Style. However this fixture would work with many styles.

So let talk about this fixture, it is called Anteriors Home Tilda 21″ Wide Whitewashed Wood Chandelier, from Lamps Plus, and it is fabulous. There really are not words for how beautiful this fixture is. This is the type of fixture that will keep your home current, and fresh. I love the whitewashed wood candlestick look, and how they pop in front of my, dark, Antique, Mirrored Armoire, it commands attention, which I always admire in my light fixtures. Trust me, invest in your lighting, because lighting is where it is at. Your entire room could get a makeover, but if your lighting is off, the entire room could end up still looking outdated.

As I looked in to the sizing, I also realized, my last fixture was just a smidge to wide for my table. Which could explain why every once in awhile when I would lean in, I would bump my head on the fixture. Here are a few tips to help you decide the size you will need, but of course you can tweak it a bit. I am a bit of a rule breaker, these are just guidelines, that I searched out online, but I consider them a jumping off point, and that is it. You can absolutely tweak them a bit.

1.Diameter: Measure your room, if it is 10×18 then the ideal diameter would be 28″or ( 20″ to 29″) However, also consider the width of your table. One lesson I have learned is the fixture should be about a foot less, in width than the table. (my last fixture was nearly as wide as my table)

2. Height: This one is easy, take your ceiling hight times 2.5 or 3 inches per foot, and convert that number to inches. This is a rough estimate, you can tweak for different circumstances.

3. How high above the table: If your ceiling is 8 foot or less, 30″ to 34″ inches from table top to the bottom of the chandelier is a good rule. If your ceiling are higher, a better guide is 36″ to 40″

We have 9 1/2 foot ceilings so I hung this chandelier at 38 inches, my last one was hung lower, because it was airy, and you could see through it. You also must consider the chandelier itself. You certainly wouldn’t hang this chandelier low, since you can’t see through it, it would obstruct the view across the room, if it were at eye level or lower. However if the chandelier has an airy open look, like my last one, you can easily hang that a bit lower. It really is a fine art, to how high or low you hang it, and will it look off, so play around until you find the perfect hight. As far a s I am concerned, lighting is the most important element in design. For me, since I love collecting antiques, it is very important, to add Modern Lighting and Modern Art, to balance everything. I certainly don’t want it to look like a Nana, lives here, even though, one does.

So lets take a sneaky peek at this beauty. I am in love.

I can not wait to set this table. Stop back.

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