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I have to be honest here, and tell you, that I love to move things around. Especially the smaller decretive things. When I first moved into the house, I moved furniture around a lot, until I found what worked best for the space. Now unless I am replacing a piece of furniture with another piece of furniture, things stay the same. Except for the small stuff. One thing I like to change monthly, is my mantle, sometimes I will even make small tweaks throughout the month. For March, I wanted to move the Mirror back to the mantle. Then of course something green, the small white ceramic piece is from Target, and you know how I love old books, and especially those with blue bindings, a clock, I mean what mantle can go without a clock, this gold bottomed vase I picked up at Homegoods recently, and I am anxious to fill it with fresh flowers, and of course I always try to add in some mercury glass to add that sparkle.

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Boxwood is one of my favorite ways to add something green, to the room. I love the formal feel, and because it comes in so many shapes and sizes, it is easy to have a very cohesive look. Notice in the mantle mirror, the large wreath across the room, and the two topiary trees on the round table also tie in to the tall topiary on the mantle.

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Over all I want say here, that a Mantle is the perfect place to play, change it up often. If you don’t have a mantle, try adding a mantle shelf to a large wall. However, there are many table tops you could do the same thing to. Choose a spot that is a focal point in a heavily used room, and be creative. I love to arrange things on the top of my piano as well, I don’t make as many changes there because the art I have hanging there is a little more permanent, and the height of the items comes into play, but it is still another opportunity to change things up. Most of all, make sure you are filling your Mantle as well as your house with the things you love and that make you happy, that is what makes a house a home.

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