Winter Decor-MY FAVORITE

Its no secret I love to decorate, it is in my DNA, do you feel like that about anything? It’s as if I don’t really have a choice, it is simply who I am. Anyway……Christmas being my favorite thing to decorate for, but lets get that out of the way. As for the rest of the year, Winter Wins! Kind of crazy, because it is my least favorite time of the year here in PA. I don’t like the cold, or the snow, go figure. But depending on how you look at it, maybe that is why it is my favorite time to decorate, because what else would I do? Anyway, there is no better time to layer, layer, layer, tons of cozy throws and extra pillows for sure. I like a full blown “White Out” for Winter. I actually set this all in place, between Fall and the start of Christmas decorating. So very easy to layer Christmas in, and then once I peel away Christmas, I am left with this again. I do, pick up a few new things, and add them in, but I defiantly keep it clean, white, and layered for Winter. Not much color. This way of decorating really lends itself well to quick changes, like a few colorful things for Valentines, then pack them away and you are right back to Winter. I love a clean white pallet. it kind of like that of an Artist-sitting in front of a Blank Canvas, endless possibilities.

If this sounds like something that might work for you. Keep your eyes peeled all year, for anything that comes in White, ivory, Cream, Beige, or gray, keeping 95% of everything in these neutral hues, will allow you to add in any color and make a change quickly and inexpensively.

Let me share a few pictures of the same Fireplace in our Living Room to show you how it works for me. Here you can see no sign of Fall, but its Fall, and I have coralled all my Pumpkins in just a few spots, while I start to set the stage for Winter, notice how bare it is.

Now I am going to layer in candles, throws. Now just stockings and a tree.

Once Christmas is over, remove the Christmas, and I am back to Winter.

Now I will add in a few extra layers for Valentines Day. 95% of everything here, remains in place. With the addition of a lamp I pulled from another room, and a colorful Felt Garland.

Once Valentines Day is over, I will remove the garland, and the Red Mercury Glass Vase on the Coffee Table, until I am ready to add in a Spring Bouquet. Keeping everything neutral allows me to, need less things. I am only changing an few items, instead of the entire room. I do more shuffling things around than buying new things.

However the items I continue to buy every time I see a SALE, anything White, candles, throws, pillows, vases, bowls, dishes, furs, anything dreamy.

I hope this simple way of looking at decorating for the Seasons helps you in some small way.

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Tammy Damore

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