Some Valentines Touches

I don’t really do a lot for Valentines Day, however I do enjoy adding in a few touches. These touches don’t even need to be Valentines related, just add in a little more than usual, in the colors, Pink or Red, a Pink Furry pillow for instance, or a few Pink accessories. I happen to adore the Velvet Pumpkins that LoveFeastShop carries, so I use those to add a punch of pink. But really anything related to Love or hearts, could be pulled into the room and used for V-day.

So a few little touches I added into my home, to get it Valentines ready. The living room up first, layers and layers of coziness, and a colorful felt garland. Felt rug from Wele Felt Decor. Her things are beautiful and top notch quality. I love the soft texture this rug add to me hearth.

Next up, my Dining Room. Some more pretty Pink Pumpkins from LoveFeastShop make the table bright and happy. Additionally, check out the Wool Table Runner with curly fringe, it is so sweet. You can find it over at Wele Felt Decor, she has the most amazing things.

My Family Room, is always a bit more relaxed, and fun.

….and that is it really. It doesn’t take to much, you don’t need to go out and buy up the store. A couple of carefully chosen pieces, can do the trick. Maybe pull some pink pillows from a different room, or purchase a bouquet of flowers, all I’m saying is you don’t need much, to keep it festive.

Happy Valentines Day 2018

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