Lime Washing my Kitchen Chimney

Popping in today, to share a very simple and easy project, using Romabio Paints. This was a collaboration with Romabio, and I am over the moon excited that I took the plunge. They like to boast about the fact that their product is natural, and low VOC, and I can tell you, there was absolutely no oder and I didn’t even crack a window. This product choice allowed me to get the white wash look I desired, while still allowing my brick to breath. Over all I enjoyed the process, loved the result, and can’t wait to do it again.

My kitchen is the darkest room in our house. Because of that I have been on a mission to brighten it up, one small project at a time. I have considered painting my brick chimney, more than a few times, but I was scared. I loved the texture of the brick, but I did not love the color, or the grit that constantly fell from this chimney, which was once covered in horsehair plaster. It seemed no matter how many times I washed this chimney down with water, it was never enough. I thought maybe painting it, would seal it, but I was afraid to take the plunge. Then one day this company reached out to me, and as I read up on their product, I realized, that this was exactly what I had been waiting for. I was getting excited. I could get the white chimney I so desired, but have total control over how much distressing I would add. Not only did I have control, I could take my time to decide.

Here is the before, not bad, but I needed change.

The day came to get started on this project and I was so excited. It literally took less than an hour to apply the product. It is mixed 50/50 with water, to a milky consistency. You start at the bottom and work up. It has great coverage, but you could certainly add a second coat, based on the look you are going for. I painted the chimney, stepped back and decided to wait until the next day, to wipe a bit off, after all you have roughly 4 days. The next day I grabbed rag and a spray bottle. Instead of spraying the chimney, I sprayed the rag, in order to have a bit more control. I took only a small amount of paint off. I carefully chose the bricks I wanted to expose, then I lived with that for two days. At that point I decided to go back over the areas I had exposed and rub off a bit more paint. Overall I have a pretty opaque chimney, with subtle wear marks, and I love it.

One note, after painting this chimney with the Bianca White, I realized my white molding was no longer as white as I thought it was, so it looks like this, Old House Kitchen, will be getting a bit of a freshing up. #oldhouselove

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