Moody Romantic Fall Table Scape

Well hello there, can you believe that Autumn is on its way out. I can tell you, I am so excited for the chilly air, comfy, cozy, sweaters and throws, and even lighting a fire. I want to eat Pumpkin everything, and make pies, yummy.

In the meantime, lets tackle the tabletop. I wanted something very simple, that anyone could do, probably with things on hand. You could use, Faux Pumpkins, though I opted for real, this year. Additionally I used florals from Afloral, to give this scene a romantic feel, and then the candles add the magic. So, go grab a few things and lets do it.

I used:

Sightly frosted magnolia leaves-2 on each side

3 English Cabbage roses-on each side, cut short (I saved the leaves as well, and tucked them here and there)

1 pack of Berries, that I separated and divided between both sides.

Then piles of Pumpkins

hint hint-I will also be using these Cabbage Roses for Christmas

Right here, this floral arrangement, in Burgundy and Pink, I whipped up, using florals from last year. Previously they were arranged, in a tall container. This year, I cut them down a bit, to fit into a smaller vessel. But who knows, next year maybe I will trim them even shorter and use them in a garland. Never stop thinking of another way to use something you already have.

As you can see, the candles, add the magic. I will be back soon, with some new dishes, that I will have set for Thanksgiving.

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