Cozy Christmas in the Living Room

Christmas cover (1).jpg

I have been on a journey to peel back some of the layers in my home, only because I have been craving a cleaner, more sparse look and feel. However, when it comes to Christmas the more I add the cozier it feels. This year I decided to go with all faux garlands, after several years of fresh. It simply makes it easier to decorate early, and it lasts. I love getting my decorating done very early in November, so I can really enjoy it, for the entire season. So what does Christmas morning look like, when you are an empty nester, its very quiet, and lonely for a minute. Then I enjoy my coffee right here while I imagine the beautiful fun filled Christmas, my children are having with their families. I remember how just a minute ago, I was the young mom, with little ones up at the crack of dawn, and all the magical memories come flooding back. Isn’t that exactly what makes the Holidays so special, the memories. You are either looking forward or looking back. Lots of FaceTime and Skype Calls now, and even a visit later in the day for dinner at my oldest daughters home. But right here in this living room is where our Christmas morning starts. I enjoy the glow of all the lights and the fragrance of all the candles. Even the flameless candles have a subtle vanilla scent, and I like using a mix of both flameless and real flame candles. I do use candles all year, but for some reason I enjoy lighingt multiple candles in the Fall and Winter seasons. I love sitting in the living room with my coffee every morning, with all the lights and candles on, simply planning my day.

Anyway…..come on in, and I will give you a bit of a tour around the room.

As you walk through my front door, you are confronted with my staircase. I have had this garland for years, but this year I did a DIY flocking to it, to help it blend a little better with all the flocked trees, additionally I added these florals to the garland from Afloral, for a romantic touch.

Right here in this entry way sit two flocked trees from King of Christmas, they are a dream. This year I didn’t add any of my own lights, which are usually cool white. So this year its more of a warm glow.

As I sit with my coffee I can look around the main living room, the trees behind me, and facing the fireplace, which is the focal point in the room. I love it packed with candles, some real flame, some flameless. lots of cozy throws from Anthropologie and some gorgeous pillows from JolieMarche.

Also, I added a Blue Velvet Slipcover from Bemz Designs, and I love it. The rich color defiantly gave the room a bit of a moody feel, especially with all of the icy white.

The trees from the kitchen, looking toward the front door.

What I love is that, it doesn’t really take much to get this cozy feeling. Trees, stockings, and garlands, then candles and lights and you are set. I hope you find a way to add a little coziness to your Christmas spaces this year.

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