Using Architectural Pieces to Decorate

There is probally nothing I love more than to decorate using Architectural pieces, found items, parts of other things, and things that were cast away, to decorate. I love turning nothing into something. I love using an item meant for one thing for something else. Taking what looks like trash to most people and turning it into art. Years ago I purchased a very special piece, that hung in my dining room for years, and even above my piano. It was an important piece to me back in the day of not having many decorations, big enough for this large house. When I came across this piece in the antique shop, from a far, I thought it was a large painting, upon closer inspection I discovered it was a card table with legs that folded up inside of itself. However, I took it home and used it as art for many years. It was the topic of many a conversation. I will dig it out and take a picture for old time sake.



My point is, its important to think out side the box. See what cast away you can find and put it back to good use. My husband and I have spent most of our married life, wondering through antique stores, thrift stores, and flea markets hunting for treasures, or what I like to call


One of my favorite things is old pieces of architecture. They can be used in many ways. I love to fill a large bowl with a collection of things and just set it on a table.


In this picture I placed a few perfect pieces onto an antique bread board, to decorate a not so lovely dining room table.



Psst……….this red room is getting a makeover soon!

Another Mantle makeover using some old wine bottles.


This lovely carved wood piece caught my eye a few months back while on a road trip. It sat behind the foot pedals of a grand piano. Its one of my favorite pieces.


Even just just one simple piece tucked into a table arrangement can change things up a bit! In this case a bit of old gingerbread!


You can find beauty in a lot of unexpected places, some antique wood carved stamps could become table decor, or maybe some old wrought iron fence toppers.



My most recent find is an old bank teller window. I have no idea how I will use it at this point, but I couldn’t walk away. I saw it sitting behind the counter of one of my favorite Saturday morning stops, and I just knew I had to have it. I brought it home and it is sitting beside my fireplace for now, while I figure it out.


Going on the hunt for THE FIND is something I really look forward to. You just never know what your going to find, or how you can use it. If it speaks to you, buy it. I always say, Dont walk away from the merchandise.

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