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It’s no secret that I love to decorate and I love to shop, for all the pretty things that make decorating so much fun. It makes me very happy to go shopping for lovely things to bring home and add to my home. Even if I only come home with one thing, I may rip apart a whole room, and redecorate every nook and cranny, cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, simply because I bought 1 new little thing. And of course I have my favorite stores. When I actually take the time to get dressed and  put on makeup, to go out shopping, I love to shop at stores like, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods , and Pottery Barn. On a Saturday morning I love going to Antique shops, Flea Markets, and Vintage Stores, you can find some fabulous stuff there. However, as much fun as all of this is, nothing beats the sound of the UPS or FedEx truck, putting the breaks on in front of my house, and carrying my packages right to my front door. AHHHHHHH the joy and excitement of seeing that package sitting on the porch! I know I’m not alone here 😉

I have to admit, I’ve done a little extra shopping since starting my blog. I mean, I would have bought it all eventually, anyway, I just got it all a little sooner. So in the last few months I have received quite a few packages, and thought I would share with you here, my experience. Some of these shops are exclusive to online, and some I order from online, simply because I don’t have a store close to me.

ZULILLY-I ordered three, lovely, six inch, boxwood wreaths from Zulilly. They arrived in perfect condition and I believe they were a great value. They took about three weeks to arrive. I have used and reused these three, sweet, wreaths over and over again. Anytime I see Boxwood for a good value, I feel like I have to have it. I defiantly have a weakness for any type of Boxwood. It is beautiful, twelve months out of the year, and, it is a classic, and works well with any type décor.

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DECOR STEALS-has a daily deal, some times more than one, and boy are they a deal!!!!! Best of all, once you order you unlock another deal, and flat rate $5 shipping, LOVE!. There site stated three weeks for delivery, however I received my order in about two weeks. I ordered an Olive Bucket from them, here the value was AMAZING, I had looked at a few here and there, the price of $60 was amazing to start, but what I received for the price, was far beyond what I expected or had looked at else where. A big thumbs up again for value. It came in less than two weeks . I’ve ordered since, and I plan to order often.

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ANTIQUE FARMHOUSE– This company comes out with collections, every few days. This is a nice way to view items, if you struggle at all, with what to put together, they take the guess work out. You could easily order several pieces from one collection, or ever two similar collections, and be sure that everything would work together. At this site the value and quality, is what you will fall in love with. Here I ordered two French Style Metal Sconces, and they are “take your breath away, GORGEOUS”. I did have a issue with one, and this company was a dream to work with. I sent them a few pictures, and my replacement was on its way within days. Gotta love good customer service. A+  I would order from them again in a heartbeat.


MAGNOLIA MARKET-This is the shop I ordered my dining room chandelier from, I did receive one with some damage, this shop shines with fabulous customer service, they sent the new one out right away. This chandelier ended up being to small in scale for my dining room and will get a new home in the kitchen soon. This light fixture is so Gorgeous, and so unique, there aren’t words, I am in love. I plan to order again. I received a gift card from my daughter for my birthday from this shop, and will include a picture of the lamp I bought, if it arrives before this post goes up.

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and the lamp………LOVE IT!!!

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TARGET-I placed my order here and had my products with in 5 days. If you want something fast, this is the place to shop. The medallion pictured above the armoire above, is what I ordered from Target. Its a stunner!

JOSS AND MAIN-here I ordered this lovely horse, it took about 3 weeks to come. This item is beautiful and was a good value.  He’s beautiful. I would order again, and believe they offer a good value. Great customer service. Be quick though, they sell out fast.

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and here he is with his, winners wreath, around his neck.

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AMAZON-I ordered a 24 inch preserved Boxwood wreath from them, Mills Floral Company was the supplier, the packaging was amazing, the wreath arrived in perfect condition, the value was great. The wreath pictured above is what I ordered from Amazon.

PAINTED FOX TREASURES-I ordered from this shop several times, the items were received in a timely manner, were a good value and a beautiful quality. Most packages received are shipped in reused boxes. Applause Applause  The selection at this shop is what keeps drawing me back, they have a wide range of items in many, many, categories. Some evenings, I spend hours just roaming around this sweet shop. { well, I’m roaming in my mind } I plan to order from them often. Below this Simple Farmhouse Tray and tiny Whimsical plates are from Painted Fox.

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POTTERY BARN-here I experienced the fasted shipping, one package took only two days to arrive. A large order of curtains and rods only 5 days. The drapes pictured here are what I hung in my living room and on the landing , going up the stairs, they are gorgeous. I plan to order from them again and again, I always love what I receive, and they have top notch customer service.

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Well all that to say, I love to go out shopping in the stores and hands on see what I’m bringing home. However, it is lovely receiving packages in the mail, and as long as you have great companies with great customer service, to work with, you can’t go wrong with a little package on your doorstep from time to time.

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