Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-the kitchen hutch

I have had this kitchen hutch for thirty-five years, funny thing is that the hutch, roll top desk, and dining room table and chairs are the oldest pieces I have, that were purchased new. This may clear up why I have been painting them lately, that was the early 80’s.

Anyway, moving on. The hutch sat in the dining room for many years, until I did not like the country look of it any more, for the dining room. I still had a country kitchen, so we moved out there, where its been for the last 15 years. Over the past five years, I have talked about painting it many times. Black was my color of choice, and I still love black and think it would be gorgeous, but, lately, I have been drawn to lightening things up, just a bit. I still love my darker, moodier colors, but do enjoy some light colors in the room lately. I also considered graphite for this piece, and who knows what the future brings. But, for now I am going with what I believe to be my favorite color of, Annie Sloan Paint, which is Paris Grey. The whole piece will be emptied and  painted. Most of the red pottery will get tucked away in my dining room closet where most of my everyday dishes are. and I will fill the hutch with, white pottery, silver trays and serve ware, and clear glass. And a special place for some antique china I have.

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Here is the hutch before.

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And then after…..

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From the time the brush hit the piece I was in love. This is mid first coat. Pardon the light, it was late at night when I took this shot and didn’t realize it would be such a glare. Not to mention my cell phone on the shelf.

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Here, there is one coat of paint on the hutch, and the top I covered in paper to protect it, I plan to stain it dark.

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I had never painted a piece this large, so guess what, I ran out of paint and had to order more. I painted my armoire, which was large, but it didn’t have the tops, bottoms, and sides of shelves, inside and outside of doors. I didn’t realize how much paint it would take. I would have had enough if I was only painting this piece. However I used the same quart, to paint the coffee table. Lesson learned. So now I wait…….for the paint to come.

Here you can see the slight variation in color, that the clear wax makes to the piece. It doesn’t really change the color but it intensifies it. You can also see the dark stain on the hutch base top, it turned out beautiful.

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Well the hutch is finished and in its place, and it is as lovely as can be. Now to pack it full of all things, white and silver. Limiting the colors to just a few, will give the already substantial sized piece, a more cohesive look. The hutch is seventy-two inches long and over six feet tall. I plan to incorporate the same colors throughout the kitchen, which will be getting a fresh coat of cabinet paint soon. Then I will be moving the Magnolia Market Chandelier from the dining room, into the kitchen, cant wait for that.

Some of the pieces I will be using to style the hutch are, the White Washed DIY-Canisters, click on link to read, some cherished, Limoges, antique china, from France, that were my great-grand mothers, some everyday white dishes from Pottery Barn, lots of Silver pieces from various flea markets, some clear glass milk bottles from Painted Fox Treasures, and a few pieces I’ve picked up from Home goods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. On top, a collection of green tinted antique bottle all, tucked into a wire basket, some cake stands, and larger pieces.

Some antique French Limoges china, that was my great-grandmothers.

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Of course the White Washed canisters.

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A collection of glass bottles, corralled in an antique wire gym basket.

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Some glass bottles I purchased at Marshalls for $2.99 each, and this sweet pitcher I picked up at a flea market for $2.00

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Can you even believe this large and weighty tray I got for $3.00

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Loving how this piece turned out, and I am looking forward to moving on to the kitchen island, and cabinets.

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  1. This was a pretty substantial piece of furniture to take on. But you were brave enough to do it and it turned out so beautiful. The placement of every piece of China, bottle, basket, even the canister set, everything is perfect. Great work!!

    • Thank you so much Ida, I appreciate your praise. It was a lot of fun, and I myself was shocked by the transformation. It just makes me want to paint more.

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