White Washing a Basket-DIY

For many, many, many, years I collected Longaberger Baskets. In recent years I started to feel like they were a bit out of style. It is probably just my taste, that has changed, but for those of you who are in the same boat as me, here is a quick fix. Or maybe you simply have an old basket that needs refreshing, or a flea market find that needs a facelift. Here is a quick and easy way to update something you already have, and give it a fresh, modern, look, for just a few dollars.

A white wash is a pretty simple process. You can use any color of paint, and there are many different recipes. I used the [1-part paint to 3-parts water] recipe, and then mix, and mix, and mix, to get the water to combine with the paint. I’m using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in a mix of Pure White and Paris Grey. But any brand chalk paint would do, you can even find some home recipes to make your own chalk paint on Pinterest.

I have several baskets I want to update, but today I will be working on a canister set. Here you can see the canisters as they have been for the last ten to fifteen years. Pssssst……this hutch is getting a facelift as I type.

Tammys Blog 027a

Don’t mind my basement as I took the before shot down there.

Tammys Blog 040a

I mixed 3-part water to 1-part Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in Pure White. I brushed on three coats.

Tammys Blog 044a

Tammys Blog 047a

A little light sanding, which I wouldn’t have had  to do if I had stopped at two coats of the wash, { so keep that in mind }and the tiniest amount of clear glaze on a brush, I didn’t want the wax to goop into the cracks and crevices. So barely there.

Tammys Blog 004a

Tammys Blog 005a

I think they look fantastic. An updated version of a great piece to begin with. Once looking a little dated, now fresh and modern. Still trying figure out, if I will paint the lids. I also white washed a Longaberger tissue basket, and I painted the lid as well. I will see how I like it, and go from there.

Well looks like I’m painting the lids.

Here is a picture right before I sand the last one.

Tammys Blog 045a

And then the finished canisters, I can’t wait to put them back on the hutch.

Tammys Blog 070a

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