Adding some character to the living room with a pair of old door shutters!

I really feel the need to add a little character to the living room. I am slowly bringing it slightly out of its traditional look and bringing into 2015. I found these shutters a few months back. I picked one up, and never used it for what I wanted. While painting the living molding white, I was spending a lot of time in there, and contemplating the dark hole I had between the windows. I remembered that shutter and knew they were still available at the shop, so I decided to go get the match and give them a coat of white paint to brighten up the space. I actually liked how they looked, all chippy, with layers and layers of paint, but I want them white, so I will add one coat of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone. Here they are as they came from the shop, minus 2 to 3 inches of mud that my husband cleaned off for me outside with a hose and scrub brush.

This space is always a dark hole, and it has 4 windows on one of it and counting the door 3 on the other. By adding these tall shutters with a coat of white paint, it will give this area some lightness, and give me a cute place to hang something. I cant wait to do some styling to this area.

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…..and here they are after one coat of paint.

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As you can see, things are getting moved around a bit. The sofa hasn’t been in front of the big windows for years now. But a new sofa is coming to the space soon and I wanted to try to open the space up a bit. Believe it or not, I don’t move furniture very often. I kind of find what works and then leave it, only changing the things I can pick up, like the décor. Once its all in place it will be there for awhile. I am super excited about the changes happening, and looking forward to decorating for Fall and Christmas, since it is a clean pallet.

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